17 thoughts on “Spring Time For Putin”

  1. Hoping everyone stands up and delivers, not just at crunch time but year round. This is a wonderful venue to comment, vent, browse. Best of all no really annoying pledge breaks!

  2. compliments of mel brooks, take your pick:

    “putin” on the ritz

    or springtime for you know who

  3. Can you see straight? What you see is not what you get!

    Retro Rerun with weak leadership in the world and USA as allowed Hitler, now gives Putin a pass. Putin is Putin it to his good buddy Obama.

  4. my apologies for any offense from above clips of “young frankenstein” and “the producers”
    especially this evening being the start of Passover.

  5. That’s right Ping. speech does not equal money, voter suppression laws do not equal protecting the franchise from fraud and there is no back of the line. Thanks for the reminder.

  6. In honor of Passover, a clip from the “Seinfeld” episode where Jerry thinks his (Irish Catholic) dentist converted to Judaism just so he could tell “Jewish” jokes, and Jerry is accused of being an “anti-dentite.”

    (It’s OK for me to do this as some of my best friends are dentists.)


  7. from mediaite, click vid of

    This week’s Saturday Night Live cold open imagined if the Republican Party had hijacked the Coachella main stage to introduce Outkast while giving their conservative sales pitch to an unenthused crowd of festival-goers.

  8. speaking of another mitch

    carroll of courier journal

    Analysis: McConnell gaffes show campaign rust

    ….McConnell’s larger concern has to be the 65 percent job disapproval rating in The Courier-Journal’s recent Bluegrass Poll, Sabato added.

    “McConnell’s problem isn’t any of these little things; it’s that over time he has lost the affections of a substantial portion of the population of Kentucky,” he said.

  9. Monty Python’s “Money” song.

    (“You can keep your Marxist ways, for it’s only just a phase…”)


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