Find Your Dinosaur

With the Smithsonian closing its famed dinosaur exhibit this month what’s a budding paleontologist to do?

Joe Bruns
Joe Bruns
Our own Joe Bruns, a frequent Trail Mix contributor, comes to the rescue in The Washington Post, where he offers a thorough guide to alternatives for dinosaur fans until the renovated Smithsonian exhibit reopens in 2019. With such a long wait, Bruns features ideas from Baltimore’s forty-foot T. rex to a prehistoric snake fossil in Delaware and in Philadelphia a green-screen display that allows children to walk among the dinosaurs.
Many children develop an interest in dinosaurs between the ages of 5 and 7. They’re becoming aware of, and interested in, the natural world around them, and the idea of big, lumbering beasts roaming the world and creating havoc — well, what’s not to like? Even better, they really existed, unlike the monsters from the fairy tales.” — Joe Bruns, Washington Post (4/18)

dino_and_flintstones__90538Congrats to our pal Joe!
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30 thoughts on “Find Your Dinosaur”

  1. Joe…Excellent article! Almost makes me wish I still had a wee one…almost…. Congratulations! :)

  2. The attack of the T-Rex from Disney’s “Fantasia.”


  3. joe, great article. loved the picture from inside the dino’s mouth. be fun to see the world from that perspective
    here’s a kid being a kid at a dinosaur park in wales

  4. I dated a guy who had an excavation of a dinosaur going on next to his property. I believe it was a baby Mamoth. I’ve got pics of the site somewhere. That was a long time ago, too.

  5. The previous threads were chock full of interesting comments, a generous dose of music, and some poetry. It just doesn’t get any better.

    Hope all are having a great weekend.

  6. Thank you, all. It was fun to do, and great to get encouragement from my Trail friends.

  7. Joe:

    I agree, great posting.

    Like many kids, I had a set of small plastic dinosaurs when I was a kid.

    I also had a set of “army men,” so a favorite game was “U.S. Army vs dinosaurs.”

    (The dinosaurs usually won.)

  8. To complete my T-Rex trilogy, here’s a scene from “Jurassic Park” where the T-Rex (finally) gets to play “the good guy” in a movie.


  9. I hate (fib) to throw cold water but, Tyrannosaurus Rex was Cretaceous rather than Jurassic.

    Dinosaurs didn’t have time machines. Thank goodness, for if they had, we’d be in deep doodoo.


    But, all that brontosaurus blood probably kept the bunnies out of the garden.

  10. Craig,

    I was just curious about the charlie sheen tweetz. They just seem so incongruous here among the
    Jamies, Crackers, Bethyboos, Winos, Flati, Pogos, Ignexes, and Sturgeones*.

    *Apologies to all of our other distinguished Trail Hands. My carpel tunnel is making is making me type wrong-handed,and I fear wrecking that claw, too. Wow this is taking along time.

  11. xrep: And why can’t dinosaurs have time machines?

    We are talking about movies after all.

  12. No Dino’s in MNH for 5 years? That’s an incalculable loss. I mean birds, primates an fish are fine , but aside from a whale hanging from the ceiling, what i remember are the dinosaurs.

  13. httpv://

    Sunday Serendipity.

    Happy Easter All.! Easter music to be sure. Enjoy!

  14. Key & Peele are doing an hilarious send up on the pre last supper meeting between Jesus & Mary Magdalene’s pimp. I’m not sure, but it doesn’t strike me as biblically accurate.

  15. Joe… really, really good article.
    I still love me some dinosaurs. Couldn’t wait to see Jurassic Park when it first came out and will watch it whenever it’s on tv.

    I saw my biblical movie last night… The Ten Commandments… Yul Brynner…. YUM!

  16. Things that pop out to be seen by these eyes.

    Elizabeth Warren seems to be creating an “I am not a Clinton” meme.
    Spring is missing this year, my dogwood refuses to do more than tease a tiny leaf growth.
    RTL Radio “die besten Hits aller Zeiten” continues to be the best pop radio station anywhere.
    WashPo has a lengthy article regarding a vet with severe PTSD. If you do not have PTSD be very happy – it sucks big time.
    My mother makes the best Easter ham.
    “Red Light on the Green Line” has stalled, “Red Line to Shady Grove” is fermenting well. Probably time to start on “I-595 to Annapolis” or “Water Taxi to Alexandria”. Is it ADHD or PTSD that causes this?
    The gutters really did need to be cleaned out.
    My cat’s feral boyfriend broke her little heart – again. My neighbors dog is in heat.

    Life is good.

  17. never fear, dinos are still here. somewhat shrunk in size and toothless tho’…. finger-lickin good when fried. kfc and chick-fil-a present day hunters of teeny tiny t-rex.

    and more than you ever wanted to know about
    “Building a dinosaur from a chicken (TED Talks)”
    check it out at 9:26 in above vid

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