Easter Sunday…What’s your favorite Biblical Movie?

It’s Easter and there are Christian movies running all day on TCM and other channels.

Nash 2.5
Nash 2.5

What’s your favorite biblical movie?

  • “Ben Hur”?
  • “Quo Vadis”?
  • “The Robe”?
  • “Barabus”?
  • “Spartacus”? (OK, the book was written by a commie and there are no obvious Christian themes, but Spartacus does get crucified at the end.)

What’s your favorite?

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27 thoughts on “Easter Sunday…What’s your favorite Biblical Movie?”

  1. Who here can forget Charlton Heston, holding his rifle over his head, as he parted the Red Sea?

  2. Jace, although he knows nothing of the basis for Easter, Mr Putin applauds your selection of the Rimsky-Korsakov Festivus Overture for your Easter selection. I do, too. Thank you.

  3. this might not qualify in some people’s eyes, but my very favorite bible-thumper was elmer gantry

  4. Patd:

    I love both “JC Superstar” and “Life of Brian.”

    Favorite line in “Life of Brian”…

    “Blessed are the cheese makers.”

  5. The Sermon the Mount, as misinterpreted by Monty Python in “The Life of Brian.”


    “Blessed are the cheese makers?”


  6. Did anyone else watch Rachel Maddow talking about how many millions of dollars the US gives to Russia to fly our astronauts to the ISS? Anyone else wondering when the mad Russian (the one that is not a monk) will tell Obama to forget anymore rides to the ISS? The private industry (Orbital) has a thing to dock with ISS for cargo. Cool, but not humans.

    This situation is the one that was pooh-poohed repeatedly by those who know when asked by those of us who wondered why kill the Space Transport System (STS) before the shuttles were obsolete. STS was far from failing or costing too much in repairs. Almost everything needed was planned for back in the 1970’s during design.

    Notice how fast the shuttles were destroyed and spread around the country. There was not enough speed for those wanting to destroy NASA and the STS.

    Well, now there are questions to be answered if the Boris and Natasha suddenly tells the White Spy to cough up more moola if he ever wants to see Squirrel and Moose again.

  7. I am very irreverent so my favorite religious movie is The Life of Brian. There are to many good scenes to just pick one but I always love the ending

  8. Flatus,

    Glad you enjoyed the Russian Easter Music.

    Some of my favorite Orthodox music comes from the Ukraine, but i didn’t want to give Putin any ideas..

  9. Nash 2.5,perhaps your initial list can be amended to include that and other (sans roman) movies like the new “noah” or even those old groaners “david and bathsheba” and “samson and delilah”

    btw, it’s comforting to know i’m not alone in my irreverence.

  10. Oh yeah… Life of Brian tops my list. But Ten Commandments (walk like an Egyptian) is a close second.

    Craig… that movie was adapted from Nikos Kazantzakis’ book The Last Temptation of Christ. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend that you do… it’s on my top ten list of best books. I also highly recommend his most famous work, Zorba The Greek.

  11. This is serious. For the last month, for the first time in my lifetime, our ever-present sansevieria are flowering. I am amazed.

  12. Life of Brian by a nose with Ben Hur in second. Ten Commandments comes in a close 3rd, with Th Robe closing on outside in the finishing stretch.

  13. httpvh://youtu.be/j5Oe9XKOu9w
    The Young Turks has uploaded Be A Cheerleader, Obama Official Told Elizabeth Warren

  14. Sen. Elizabeth Warren says when asked if some bankers should have gone to jail in the aftermath of the financial crisis of 2008. “You always want to be careful about this as a lawyer,” she begins in an interview with USA TODAY, sounding every bit a senator. Then she stops herself. “Actually, no, let me start that one over. Yes!”

    later in the same article she says

    “I’m not running for president,” she says. “We have races in 2014 that we have got to focus on. We have issues that can’t wait.”
    And after 2014?
    “I am not running for president. I’m working on these issues, right now.”

    vice president maybe?

  15. Not on your list, but absolute favorite: Jesus Christ Superstar and then one that was on yesterday again not on your list: The Silver Chalice with a very young Paul Newman for scenery surrounded by a lot of bad cheap sets and acting. The Costain novel was much better.

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