Jeb Doubles Down on Immigration

How about that? Jeb Bush not only doesn’t back away from his call for immigration reform but goes on to provoke the anti-reform crowd by showing just what he means in saying immigrants deserve compassion.

Yes, they broke the law, but it’s not a felony. It’s an act of love, it’s an act of commitment to your family.” – Jeb Bush

That’s a long way from Mitt Romney’s “self-deportation” plan for those here illegally, whatever that meant. And for his trouble Romney won just 27 percent of the Hispanic vote, the lowest portion for a Republican in 16 years.

GOP right-wingers are having none of this love and compassion silliness.

“Pandering,” said Rep. Raul Labrador of Idaho. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas chided Bush for opposing enforcement of the “rule of law.” Conservative pundit Michelle Malkin went for the heavy artillery, creating a new Twitter hashtag: #CancelJebBush. Just the mention of his name provoked boos from the crowd at a gathering of New Hampshire conservatives.

Bush responded by sticking to his guns: “The simple fact is, there is no conflict between enforcing our laws, believing in the rule of law and having some sensitivity to the immigrant experience, which is part of who we are as a country.”

It is tough to imagine how such reasonable words can get Bush past the alien haters in the early Republican primaries. Give him some credit for trying.

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  1. The next step is to deport his wife and kids as being different. The Repugnant plan for reform.

  2. Pogo,
    Thank you for the response earlier. I understand what you’re saying about beliefs passed down and held on to. Not all should be continued; not all are bad, either. My point ties in with this Jeb Bush thread. Good Lord, a Bush! He’s making sense on this topic. That’s the tragedy, too, because unless the earth tilts and all the GOP leaders and talking heads slide off into a black hole, this guy has a snowball’s chance in hell of maybe providing a little decency in our government, or at least of having a rational discussion.

  3. Flatus, was just reading the original NYT story Tampa Times cited, very interesting: Jeb Bush’s Rush to Make Money May Be Hurdle

    the bottom line: “He has been well paid for his time, earning at least $3.2 million in board fees and stock grants from publicly traded companies alone, records show. His corporate speechmaking appears to have generated millions more: He commands about $50,000 for his speeches, delivering more than 100 since 2007″

    if its Jeb vs. HRC this stuff might be a wash. She’s raking in the money too.

  4. Craig.Crawford,

    One of the things that interested me most was his seat on Tenet Health, a hospital holding company. He’s earned $2M in board service and has actively supported Affordable Care as it means big bucks for Tenet.

    Tenet didn’t earn any good will from me when their local hospital made Kumcho employee of the year when I was about to complete action on a major variance request that they submitted.

    I put Kumcho’s award in the sunshine, said I was sure that she deserved the award despite the timing, then recommended disapproval of their variance by the full commission. Bastards.

  5. Flatus,

    I know Jeb Bush is no saint. Just giving the man props when he deserves it. Any little glimmer of light should be welcomed and encouraged.
    I don’t belong to any political Party. It goes back to the 1980 election. My inclinations tilt heavily Dem, but I’m old enough to remember when Republicans weren’t repugnant as a whole. After I saw how Jimmy Carter was treated, an incumbent President, by his own Party leadership, I was appalled. Yes, I hold grudges and never forget. As for the GOP, everything about Reagan seemed so phony, sleazy in fact. They were like every bad stereotype of the rich white guy with no conscience or soul. I enrolled as a “No Party” voter; haven’t regretted it. Not voting in primaries is the only drawback. But my vote is well courted come election time… and is given to whomever earned and deserves it, no matter the Party affiliation.

  6. “宁为太平犬,莫作乱离人”
    Right now I feel very sad for all of us. With the supremes making sure we know that it is the “white power club” once again I can only think back to the years when anyone who was different was SOL. Or worse.

    I often ask myself how many years; how many decades will it take to correct the actions of the Roberts “whites will win – no matter what” actions.

  7. Jeb may survive the GOP primaries.

    The Tea Party didn’t tike Mitt either, but he won the nomination.

    There is still a LOT of “establishment GOP” money out there. It’s up for grabs now that Christie is a dead man walking.

    How about a Jeb Bush & Rand Paul ticket?

  8. Gordon’s rose with granma’s figurines. The one on the right says “Occupied Japan” on the bottom. The two little Dutch persons used to have Wedgwood buckets……

  9. Gordon was my neighbor for 6, 7, or 8 or so years….next door to the shop. Bout 3 weeks ago he went outside and kilt himself….it was a Tuesday. By Thursday the wife had a U-haul and cleared out to who knows where, and on Friday his son came from Orangeburg with a truck and trailer and cleared what was left. I’m walking around over there on Saturday and there’s this beautiful rose…..I figure he’da wanted me to have it. Put it in a silver plate vase.

    We’d talked a bit here and there…..he was a psychiatric nurse up at some Navy deal up in North Charleston, I figure pretty good job…..he’d go to Key West in the bad winters, ask me to watch his place while he’s gone and then bring me a T-shirt for it……He was a kind of squirrelly little guy, said he had the PTSD from being a medic in Viet Nam…….bout my age…..66 or so.

    Went Monday and dug up the whole rose bush…..I figure he’da wanted me to have it.

  10. All of this Board sitting is such a scam. Old Joe votes his buddy Ed a big raise as CEO. Ol Ed sits on another board where he votes a similar raise for ol Mike and the Mike turns around and quid pro quo to Old Joe. End result: Executive compensation and benefit packages go through the roof and the workers hit the skids. Of course it is all very, very legal just immoral as hell.

  11. sturgeone: Went Monday and dug up the whole rose bush…..I figure he’da wanted me to have it.

    no better tribute and living memorial than that.

    just working as a psychiatric nurse would bring on the ptsd. here’s to your neighbor, here’s to your friend gordon. may he be at peace and may his roses bloom on.

  12. from businessweek:

    Pro-Russian gunmen in eastern Ukraine admitted on Wednesday that they are holding an American journalist who has not been seen since early Tuesday.

  13. Sturg… so sorry about your friend. Thanks for sharing his rose with us.

    Rick’s co-workers sent us some flowers when my mother passed. Only they weren’t the usual gone in a week type. They were a basket full of flowers from bulbs. We planted them in our garden and every spring I can’t wait to see the shoots start coming up… they’re doing so now. A living memorial means so much… enjoy that rose bush.

  14. sjwny,

    I hear you loud and clear. I’m a registered Independent… and here in NH we do get to vote in primaries. I too used to vote for Republicans for state offices. Didn’t agree with them entirely… but they were decent human beings and I felt that they really cared about the welfare of the people of this state. Warren Rudman comes to mind immediately.

    Can’t vote for them at all now. The GOP has lost it’s mind, IMO. Too bad because I think this country is better served when both parties are functioning healthily.

  15. I give Jeb credit for his feelings about immigration.
    He is defiantly swimming against the republican current.

    Hard to see how he will get much traction with republicans. Immigration reform will have the effect of creating more potential voters. The current republican philosophy is geared toward creating fewer voters. Especially non-white voters.

  16. sj, one of the problems with this electronic universe we communicate in is that if you’re as lazy as I am, you don’t fully explain your thoughts. My take on the R’s approach is that they see the fed budget as being like a household checkbook and fail to understand that “debt” at the federal level is in large part a fiction. Ina very real sense they are like depression era people who put their money in mason jars and buried them in the back yard rather than put it in banks because they thought the banks would fail and they’d lose their money in the process. The new crop of Rs strike me as incapable of understanding the very complex systems they wish to control through their election to office, and not being able to understand those systems, liken them to their own banks accounts, mortgages and the like. Ironically I agreed with Cheney to an extent when he said debt doesn’t matter – I think he understood that the US govt issuing debt instruments is more like a corporation issuing stock to raise cash to operate than a homeowner borrowing from the bank to buy a third car or pay credit card bills. I disagree when the Rs point the finger at Ds, using the US debt as the measure of the country’s economic health and blaming Ds for “big spending” when they vote to raise the debt limit to pay existing obligations, and the Rs are as guilty or guiltier of that offense of big spending on their own budget priorities (tax breaks for the wealthy as one example) as are the Ds.

  17. RebelliousRenee: . I too used to vote for Republicans for state offices.


    I am a registered independent as well. I have cast numerous votes for republicans over the years. They were sane and reasonable people with a genuine dedication to public service.
    Not any more. I may not vote for every Democrat that comes down the pike, but I simply refuse to vote for any republican. They have nothing to offer at any level. The country is the poorer for it.

  18. When Obama had the numbers, not as robust as LBJ’s but robust enough, he had a terrific record of legislative accomplishments…But all were done with either no or minimal Republican support. LBJ and Reagan had willing partners from the opposite party; Obama has had none. Nothing that he could have done would have changed the clear, deliberate policy of Republicans…that drew sharp lines of total opposition on policies like health reform and raising taxes as part of a broad budget deal. The brutal reality, in today’s politics, is that LBJ, if he were here now, could not be the LBJ of the Great Society years in this environment.-Norman Ornstein

    The real mystery is why some folks are so reluctant to acknowledge these basic realities.?
    Plum Line- Greg Sargent

    Good question.

  19. pogo: The new crop of Rs strike me as incapable of understanding the very complex systems they wish to control through their election to office, and not being able to understand those systems, liken them to their own banks accounts, mortgages and the like.


    Amen! The old crop of Rs didn’t understand complex economic systems or issues.

    Think ‘trickle down’ and the ‘Laffer curve’

  20. Sturgeone,

    I’m sorry about your neighbor.

    Being a medic in Viet Nam during the war was heart-breaking. Out in the field or in the choppers, being a medic was also nerve-wracking. Inevitably people make mistakes, and that added feelings of guilt.

    Some of the guys appeared to get through it all without getting hurt. Maybe we all got hurt, but some guys just didn’t show it.

    I don’t know if Gordon’s later work exacerbated the war trauma, but it strikes me as potentially dangerous for someone who has had PTSD. But, perhaps nursing was Gordon’s way to both make a living and work through his PTSD. If he was 66 he’d be retired now, and with retirement Gordon might have lost his form of therapy.

    Anyway, now Gordon’s family is stricken, too. The damage of PTSD seems to spread like waves when a ship sinks.

    I’m sorry. If you see the son, could you pass on my condolences for me ?

  21. Jeb Bush is to immigration as Rob Portman is to gay

    and what about all the dirty $$$$ from Lehman Bros

    Jeb Bush not so much

  22. X…yep……I will……..I doubt I’ll see him again……it was a load up and pull out operation by the son and the wife and the bank had the house back really quick and the only trace left of Gordon would be the azaleas and rosebushes he planted, one of which I now have…..I guess about the only memorial he got around here are the three pics I posted.

  23. He really hated winter and cold, and this past one was the b’ar eating us……he checked out right before the flowers came back….a week later his yard looked like Disneyland or something with all the flowerage……

  24. I am registered as a democrat, and I can’t remember voting for a Repugn over the last at least 40 years. If I registered as an independent it would only be because they throw good election day parties – if it actually reflected party preference I would be lying. There are a few candidates who show up with (I) after their names for school board or water board and other such positions, but they are few and far between. I can’t stand the thought of having a preference among the Rs at the national level. Any such choice would be a least worse choice on its best day.

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