One Mint Julep

It’s Derby Day! Our annual Trail Mix tradition lives on. We’ve picked our horses and vie for bragging rights (6:24 p.m. EST Saturday on NBC, Coverage begins at 4 p.m.). Our defending champions: Chloe and Rick riding Orb in 2013.

Mint Julep

Here’s the mint julep recipe from the bartenders at Louisville’s historic Brown Hotel:

  • Make simple syrup by taking equal parts of hot water and sugar. Stir.
  • Add fresh mint and muddle [mash, preferably with something like a pestle, otherwise use the back of a spoon].
  • Add crushed ice to an 8-ounce glass.
  • Add two ounces of simple syrup.
  • Top off with Kentucky Bourbon, and add a sprig of fresh mint.

Drink up!


A few times during the year, the local denizens set aside their mission to keep politicians on the straight and narrow while solving the problems of the world. This year, May 3 is one of those days. Once more a Trailmix tradition looms. Fearless leader will find himself aboard winged transport during the race, so a toast might be in order as we lean back take a sip of favored liquid and watch the beautiful animals race into history. Bragging rights for the year ahead are the only reward. This year, the horses (by post position), their real riders, the morning line odds, and their Trailmix jockeys are as follows:

Post / Horse / Jockey / Odds / Trailmixer

1 . Vicar’s In Trouble — Rosie Napravnik 20-1 — Nash 2.5 / Flatus / Lani
2.  Harry’s Holiday — Corey Lanerie 50-1
3.  Uncle Sigh — Irad Ortiz, Jr. 40-1 — XRepublican / KGC
4.  Danza — Joe Bravo 9-1 — DaveB
5.  California Chrome — Victor Espinoza 5-2 — Theresa / Madeleine Stowe
6.  Samraat — Jose Ortiz 16-1
7 . We Miss Artie — Javier Castellano 40-1
8 . General A Rod — Joel Rosario 33-1
9 . Vinceremos — Joe Rocco, Jr. 50-1
10 . Wildcat Red — Luis Saez 20-1 — Patd / Craig / Sturgeon / Chris / Dexter / Mudcat
11.  Dance With Fate — Corey Nakatani 20-1 — Whiskey Jack / Jamie
12.  Chitu — Martin Garcia 33-1 — Pogo
13.  Medal Count — Robby Albarado 40-1
14.  Tapiture — Ricardo Santana, Jr. 28-1
15.  Intense Holiday — John Velazques 20-1 — Ignex
16.  Commanding Curve — Shaun Bridgmohan 40-1
17 . Candy Boy — Gary Stevens 25-1 — Chloe / TonyB
18.  Ride On Curlin — Calvin Borel 20-1 — SJWNY
19.  Wicked Strong — Rajiv Maragh 13-2 — Jace / Renee / Joe Bruns / Rick

“One Mint Julep” is a jazz standard and I’ve opted for the vocal in video below (Sarah Vaughan). For those who prefer the instrumental versions, there are several great ones available including Tommy Emmanuel, Ray Charles, and Count Basie.

— Jamie is a Trail Mix Contributor

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80 thoughts on “One Mint Julep”

  1. Whoo Hoo!

    Since my horse was scratched, Hoppertunity, I’m hoping for another pick? If so, it’s Wicked Strong from the outside!

  2. Okay Joe,

    You are on record as being on Wicked Strong. I’ll try to get in and make it official on the post. If not, you have the Woo Hoo honors.

  3. I’m actually on Dance With Fate as my pick but have an exacta bet down with a three horse box of Dance With Fate, California Chrome, and Tapiture. Looking forward to it.

    Rosie Napravnik won the Kentucky Oaks today aboard Untapable. Tomorrow she rides Vicars in Trouble.

  4. 1. Uncle Sigh

    2. Vinceramos

    3. Harry’s Holiday

    The long shots can’t get much longer. If these horses come through in the right order, I’ll still be my modest and retiring self. The enormous payoff won’t go to my head. And, I won’t rejoin the ripuplicans, despite my winnings.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAA gasp Haha wheeze ha….

  5. I don’t believe I’ve ever been to a horse race so I have a question. To get your horse to run faster, do you put the firecracker up the horse’s butt or the jockey’s?

  6. It has been a warm spring and the mint is up and tender. We should have some outstanding drinks.
    I don’t have any bourbon but I do have rum add just a splash of soda and I can have a mojito . That’s for tonight tomorrow I will make it to the store for Kentucky bourbon.

    Jack, settling back for the festivities.

  7. My only horse racing joke and it is so old that telephones hadn’t been invented yet.
    It seems the fellow bought a race horse. His trainer and jocky would go to the races and then send him a long, expensive telegram explaining how they had lost. So he told them to make the telegrams brief and abbreviate where possible. So the trainer did and when he returned from the next race he was met by the owner with a bottle of whiskey and a big smile. The trainer took the whiskey, took a drink and then ask the owner why he was there
    “Well, said the owner, it was your telegram”
    “yes” said the trainer warily and he took another hit on the bottle.
    “It was great news you sent SSFF, Started second finished first” said the owner.
    “Oh” said the trainer as he took a long drink this time.
    “that’s not what it meant. It meant Started Stumbled , Farted and Fell.”

  8. As to Piketty and the WSJ opinion piece. I found it up to the usual good standards ( that is snark) of the editorial page. A lot of straw, name calling and dissmissive comment of substantive issues with no counter proof. In other word situation normal.

    Here is a good explanation of the basic points in Piketty’s book

    from John Cassidy at the New Yorker.
    He has several articles both on his blog and a book review in the magazine.


  9. tee party hates the USA

    WI rip up licans will vote on resolution that claims WI can secede from the USA.

  10. Cenk Gets Angry About The Latest Benghazi Conspiracy

  11. GOP Elite Like Chris Christie, But They Trust Jeb Bush
    by Taylor Marsh

    THE WINDOW to be considered for the executive branch, which Gov. Chris Christie shunned in 2012, is becoming a narrower opening, with Jeb Bush‘s latest interest in 2016 making rich Republican donors reconsider their loyalty to Big Boy.

    The status Gov. Chris Christie held during Mitt Romney‘s run is gone.
    What’s becoming clear each time reporting is done on Chris Christie versus Jeb Bush is that if given a choice Jeb Bush would be most GOP big donors first.
    The New York Times begins a list,

  12. Please put me down for Danza, in honor of Tony Danza, since I used to love the show “Taxi”!

  13. Good morning and welcome to Churchill Downs. This is the day that Wildcat Red makes history and wins the Kentucky Derby. I hate to root against Calvin “Bo-Rail” and Gary Stevens, but que sera, sera

  14. go wildcat red!
    6 on a horse surely to be a lucky sign of a win… or a mighty strong horse. we need a coach wagon for the crowd

  15. don’t miss the real show. from huffpo

    There are two very different derbies at Churchill Downs: one in the infield and one in the grandstands

    more from another view of infield history

    Despite its two-minute brevity, the Kentucky Derby is an all-things-for-all-people event.

    It is the sport of kings and commoners alike. It is high society on Millionaire’s Row and low comedy in the infield. It is a sporting competition, a fashion show, a decadent-and-depraved party, a tradition-steeped slice of Americana. It is an ancient rite of spring that has been drawing people back to the same place in a mid-Southern river town since 1875.

  16. Hey Jamie…
    Rick says Wicked Strong looks wicked good… please put him down for that horse.

  17. ok, now for our lesson on muddling. how not to and how to

    and here’s the big one. every little step thru the making of a julep

  18. the above vids were not meant to displace or to refute jamie’s fine presentation at thread top. they are merely to help us the less literate, picture book sorts (and those who partied a bit too much after the oaks) complete today’s most essential task, a trail worthy julep.

  19. Okay. I think I’m all up to date on my list of horses. If you see any additions, changes, or errors – Let me know (Before the race)

    Horse Trailmixer

    Vicar’s In Trouble Nash 2.5 / Flatus / Lani

    Harry’s Holiday

    Uncle Sigh KGC

    Danza Dave B.

    California Chrome Theresa


    We Miss Artie

    General A Rod


    Wildcat Red Patd/Craig/Sturgeon / Chris/Joe Brunns/Dexter

    Dance With Fate Whiskey Jack/ Jamie

    Chitu Pogo

    Medal Count


    Intense Holiday

    Commanding Curve

    Candy Boy Chloe/Tony B.

    Ride On Curlin SJWNY

    Wicked Strong Jace / Renee/Rick

  20. from bbc

    The Uruguayan authorities have revealed how marijuana will be produced and sold legally in the country.

    Licensed pharmacies will sell the drug for less than $1 a gramme, with consumers allowed 40g (1.4oz) a month.

    The bill specifies that each household may grow up to six cannabis plants, and that marijuana may be consumed in the same places as tobacco.

    juxtapose that with another story from bbc that ran in march

    A UN illegal drugs body has criticised 2012 moves in two US states to legalise recreational use of marijuana.

    In a new report, the International Narcotics Control Board urged the US federal government to ensure anti-drug treaties were “fully implemented on the entirety of its territory”.

  21. and even the derby horses can’t escape politics. from abc

    With the Kentucky Derby on Saturday, Democratic Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes sees a potential political message in the upset hopes of a particular thoroughbred: Vicar’s in Trouble, who’ll be jockeyed by a woman who would become the first female rider to win the storied race.

  22. Here in Washington for the White House Correspondents Dinner with my pal Madeleine Stowe. There will be no mint juleps here at the dinner if it is like the last time I was at one of these with Craig…only screw off wine bottles and cheap bourbon. But…we have picks. Because I am Mudcat, I will take Wildcat Red. Because Madeleine is from California, she will take California Chrome. I wish the Virginia-bred Secretariat was still alive. I would definitely bet my entire fortune of $278 on him, but I wish more that Harry Truman was still alive so I could vote for him.

  23. Jamie,

    Will you please help me back up on Uncle Sigh ?

    Careful there, I’ve got horse poop splattered all over me.

  24. Craig.Crawford, we’ll have our airspace clear for your transit.

    Are you going south to enjoy the Derby with your Mom and Dad? Hope you all have a wonderful time!

  25. mudcat, driving by Truman’s house in Independence, I sure felt an empty feeling. Raygun was president at the time. It also made me think of Churchill’s trip to the heartland. We had a different world then. Worse in many ways but looking towards the sun and stars.

  26. Craig.Crawford,

    not just any ole celeb, but one that might even know of our trail mixer tents in Haiti being that she’s been very much involved with good works down there. that wiki link says

    In 2008, Stowe travelled to Haiti and helped found Artists for Peace and Justice. She is on the Board of Directors of the foundation

    here’s a sample of some of those good works by apj

  27. I’m sorry to ruin this for all of you but,

    Fox News, is predicting (with a 95% degree of probability) that the winner of the Kentucky Derby will be…

    Mitt Romney.

    He’s working on his acceptance speech right now.

  28. Chico Marx tells Groucho how to pick the winning horse in, “A Day at the Races.”


  29. Nice, Jamie…bet it all on Sun Up!

    Well, Boss, it got me again! (tears streaming…)

  30. from usatoday

    LOUISVILLE – Two jockeys were taken by ambulance to the hospital after a three-horses collision during race three Saturday at Churchill Downs, counting down the hours until the Kentucky Derby.

    Churchill Downs announced the crash apparently occurred when two of the horses clipped heels. In an announcement made over the sound system at the media center, the track said all three horses were apparently okay. They were walked back to their barns.

  31. Today our hockey team, the Bruins, won… our baseball team, the Red Sox, won… now all Rick and I need is for our Derby horse to win and it’ll be a trifecta!

  32. Shade late to the party Ignex, but I have you down for Intense Holiday. Since Craig is flapping his wings, I’m afraid you don’t get into the official post. Drop in more often.

  33. tony, good news

    A new poll released yesterday by Quinnipiac University, showed that the Florida gubernatorial race still shows that not only is former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist leading Republican incumbent Gov. Rick Scott by a ten-point margin of 48 – 38 percent, but Charlie Crist is ahead by fifteen points as being the “more compassionate” of the two men.

    from examiner

    not that hard tho’ to out compassionate scott. pretty low bar.

  34. Jamie: Let me know (Before the race)

    mudcat has joined our happy crew on wildcat red and ms madeleine stowe is on calif chrome… seems fearless leader has added them to list at top. which list is latest???

  35. norm coleman, Jr. ‘mourns’ for ‘his friend’ Jim Oberstar.

    The depth of coleman, Jr’s hypocrisy is stunning. What a slime bucket.

  36. My profound apologies to slime buckets everywhere. It wasn’t my intention to hurt your feeling.

  37. Congrats to those that picked California Chrome!
    What a nice story about the owners… good for them.

  38. So has my horse crossed the finish line yet?

    I made my mint julep but I had more important things to do on a nice spring day. I got my tomatoes and peppers in the ground. Along with the onions I planted last week, fresh salsa!!

    Ya know this is party week, pagans doing pagan things in the woods on May first, today the derby and next up Cinco de Mayo
    Solar, man are you out there?
    Watch out for the cervesa and the tequila or before you know it

  39. Corey

    you can have mine, I don’t think he has crossed the finish line yet


  40. “I played a great horse today. It took 7 horses to beat him!” – Henny Youngman

  41. “The horse I bet on was so slow, the jockey kept a diary of the trip.” – Henny Youngman

    Thanks Jack!

  42. Finally got a cell phone connection and running my laptop from the boat. Missed the race. Too bad. Nice to know that the horse blew the field away. Baltimore should be a good run for CA Chrome, sounds like he needs a little distance to get moving.

    Weather is 80’s and gentle breezes, with a lot of sun. Now back to the bilge I go.

  43. Tonyb,

    Sorry, Tony.
    I didn’t give it much thought.

    … but, lose or win, I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have had with me than you.

  44. hope y’all listened to the prez’ comedy routine linked from wapo above. very, very funny. good writer, good delivery. well worth the 19:10 min.
    my favorite best line:

    “If you want to get paid while not working you should have to run for Congress just like everyone else.”

    and somewhere midway thru it catch a glimpse in the audience of our derby co-winner and friend of mudcat, madeleine stowe.

  45. httpv://

    Sunday Serendipity.

    A bit of Mozart for a Sunday morning.
    For bassoon lovers everywhere. Enjoy!
    Have a wonderful Sunday.

  46. Obama was touting the success of Olympic snowboarder Jamie Anderson, who was in attendance at the dinner, saying he hadn’t “seen someone pull a 180 that fast until Rand Paul disinvited that Nevada rancher from this dinner.”

    “As a general rule, things don’t end well if the sentence starts with, ‘Let me tell you something about the Negro,'” Obama said. “You don’t really need to know the rest of it, just a tip for you.”

    My favorite lines from the Pres. last night.

  47. When asked to comment on the Kentucky Derby, LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling said he was not a racist.

  48. Jamie, thank you for making our Derby so interesting once again. You deserve a troika for your annual efforts!

  49. patd,

    Hey, thanks for that.. I knew Charlie was ahead but not by 10 points, GREAT! Ha, wouldn’t be hard to be more compassionate than Rick S. as the man is cold as a stone.. Florida mostly always has poor government but they really hit bottom with the current one..

  50. chloe,

    Ahh, sweet and i feel the same way.. Hope you and the family are good.. I also hope the you are enjoying some good TV.. I just finished with season one of the Aussie hit Wentworth Prison..

  51. Thanks, Tony.
    (… and I trust you too. I’m going to check out ‘Wentworth Prison’).

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