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About this Senate Race
Iowa: Tom Harkin (D), retiring

Iowa is a swing state, which makes the open-seat race competitive. The Democrats cleared their field with Rep. Bruce Braley. The Republican primary is crowded, which hurts the party’s chances in November. But one candidate, state Sen. Joni Ernst, broke out of the pack with a viral ad that touts her skill at castrating hogs. She’s also an Iraq war vet.” (Yahoo News)

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  1. Flatus… belated happy, happy birthday!

    I really enjoyed the last thread. With all those differing opinions… it was refreshing to not read an echo chamber.

    I think those ads are quite effective… hope the Democrat takes notice.

  2. Monica Lewinsky Speaks Beyoncé, Says “It was a Consensual Relationship” Not An Affair
    by Taylor Marsh

    If Monica Lewinsky ever thought Bill Clinton would leave Hillary Clinton for her, she’s not the first woman in a triangle to convince herself of this fantasy. However, in actuality she was just another dumb broad who doesn’t understand the investment of two people in a committed partnership, especially one like the Clintons, which has its roots in something larger than themselves, just like the Kennedys had.
    Monica Lewinsky wouldn’t be the first woman to make the mistake of overestimating her value to a married man, but she is one of the most naive to believe she would become the next Wallis Simpson.

    From the Vanity Fair article by Monica Lewinsky.

    Monica Lewinsky writes in Vanity Fair for the first time about her affair with President Clinton: “It’s time to burn the beret and bury the blue dress.” She also says: “I, myself, deeply regret what happened between me and President Clinton. Let me say it again: I. Myself. Deeply. Regret. What. Happened.”

  3. I did a search on youtube for “classic political ads” and I found this…

    Nixon’s 1968 campaign ad where he promised to end the Vietnam War, “with honor.”

    Would you say that worked out well?


  4. Republicans have been taking aim at Obamacare for several years without much luck.

    I don’t think that Ms. Ernst’s aim will be any better, but I guess it makes for a nice campaign ad.
    Misleading, but nice.

  5. Campaign ads are tools to garner votes. Nixon won in 68.

    The GOP is trying to say Obama has failed because of his unfulfilled campaign ad promises.

    It’s a game both sides play.

  6. From the previous thread.

    :Yes, it has a mighty military but this now is funded on debt. That debt is only as good as other countries accept USD as a global currency. As the Yuan currency convertibility agreements continue, that international debt is no longer secure and will become gradually insecure.”

    You may be right, but I don’t think that the dollar is going anywhere soon. Not convinced that people are going to readily accept a currency that is continually being manipulated to the sole advantage of the issuer. Markets and investors love stability, they are not quite as fond of parlor tricks.

  7. flatus, and all this time those cinco de mayo parties were for you. ¡feliz cumpleaños tardío!

  8. our aussie friend bill said

    Two years ago, Australia ceased using USD in its trade with China making our two currencies mutually exchangeable……It meant that Australia no longer saw America as its dominant trade partner and indeed this has seen the eclipse of American influence in Australia.

    so is that why this was such a surprise?
    from Canberra times yesterday

    A Canberra woman who purchased tickets from the National Museum of Australia to the Old Masters: Australia’s greatest bark artists exhibition was stunned later to learn the transaction had been done in American dollars.

  9. patd,

    We really must take this seriously to the nth degree. After all, the poor woman was “gobsmacked” by what happened.

  10. Why do Australians hate us? It must be because of our freedom- our sweet, delicious freedom. So yummy.

  11. Yes, I’m choosing to make a broad stereotype based on a message board comment and some lady quoted in an article, because in America, that’s how WE the people roll. Don’t be hatin’.

  12. jace,

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. But then again there are lessons to be learned from history. Didn’t the dollar become the medium of international exchange as a result of the Bretton Woods agreements after WWII? I admit to knowing next to nothing about international banking.

    Australians hate us too? I didn’t know. And to think I used to love Rod Laver, Ken Rosewall and Roy Emerson and their tennis rivalries – and their rivalries against Stan Smith and Arthur Ashe. Now I know that Canadians hate us, but Australians, too? I’m bummed. Next someone will say New Zealanders hate us too.

  13. Thank God for Rob Ford- he is evidence that, regardless of color or stripe, people are the same, all over the world. Every family has a Rob Ford. I sure hope I’m not my family’s Rob Ford, though, but like John Scarne (I think) said, “If you look around the room to try and find the mark, and can’t, it’s you.”

    Have a good day, WORLD.

  14. “Old Masters: Australia’s greatest bark artists exhibition”. Now that’s a medium I am not familiar with. Do those artists create art on bark or bark to create art (reminiscent of The Henhouse Five – only dogs instead of chickens?)

  15. One more thing, since I’m logged in:

    Leslie Jones’ SNL skit about how her dating life would have been better during the slavery era was a response to the logic going around (apparently there must be racist coffee klatches where they hash these things out) about how African Americans had it better during slavery, as expressed by guys like Mr. Duck Dynasty and Cliven Bundy. Salon and Time are really reaching with their analyses.

    Sorry I have to explain your joke, Ms. Jones. Good one, though.

    (Copper pipes give you lockjaw, I hear, Pogo, in case you’re kicking it Rob Ford-style, this summer [I know you won’t be, but just in case])

  16. Ig, there are times I’d like to reprise the role, but Mrs. P would give me hell and I really can’t tolerate the aftermath anymore. I’m such a wuss anymore.

  17. the beetles on tour in aussieland

    just kidding. it’s an aboriginal bark piece called
    “Mimis” by Milaybuma of the Gunwinggu group, western Arnhem Land.

  18. pogo, just a touch of culture to keep up the trail’s high standards amidst all the political tomfoolery (or fooling with toms so to speak).

  19. I have one of those pieces of Aboriginal bark art… a friend went to Australia about 15 yrs ago and brought one back for me as a souvenir.

    blue bronc,


  20. I like Australians, so much so that in the late 1960’s I had thoughts of heading there on a tramp steamer with the idea I would not be easily located. Then I learned about Canada. All too late.

  21. Kumcho and I talked about settling in Australia in the mid-60s. Then we read about the White Australia Policy. Oklahoma didn’t seem so bad after all. :)

  22. patd,

    Oh he’s a disgusting pompous windbag! Ha, i wouldn’t watch him even if i had cable..:0) My niece Ashley’s new little puppy Gizmo.. This is what a break up with a BF will get you, lol…

  23. Hillary and Monica, the War on Women, and Bedding a Married Man
    by Taylor Marsh

    “I really wonder if this isn’t an effort on the Clintons’ part to get that story out of the way.” – Lynne Cheney on “The Factor”

    IT WAS predictable, really, but still hard to believe how deeply Clinton paranoia is buried in the Republican psyche. Laura Ingraham, in for Bill O’Reilly, agreed wholeheartedly with Lynne Cheney, saying “makes perfect sense, and I’m really mad I didn’t think of it first.” Everyone weighed in on Monica Lewinsky’s Vanity Fair piece, but nobody ever weighs in on the unending crap Hillary Clinton has had to endure.

    Where is the “family values” crowd on the wife, Hillary Clinton, who’s been wronged?

    The most outrageous reaction on the whole thing was Joe Scarborough on “Morning Joe” today. No two people have sucked up to President Bill Clinton more than hosts of the MSNBC morning show. Scarborough lost his mind, parroting Sean Hannity, by dragging out the outrageous accusation against President Clinton that he raped Juanita Broderick.

    President Clinton’s philandering past is abhorrent, but there’s never been one iota of proof he’s ever forced himself on any woman.

    What I found most interesting is Ms. Lewinsky describing her involvement with President Clinton as a “relationship,” not an affair. The latter seems more apt since it was always due to be transitory, but Monica Lewinsky was there and gets to frame it however she wants. Never once does she address being his mistress, which is quite interesting.

  24. When thinking about politics in the USA you have to realize that about 1/3 of the people in the USA are stupid racists.

    Everything makes a lot mores sense when you accept that basic fact.

  25. Nash 2.5,

    And excluding present company the rest of them ain’t so bright either.
    Or to quote George Carlen. “think about how smart the average man is and remember half of them are dumber than that.”


  26. from the new yorker: Ronald Reagan’s Benghazi

    If you compare the costs of the Reagan Administration’s serial security lapses in Beirut to the costs of Benghazi, it’s clear what has really deteriorated in the intervening three decades. It’s not the security of American government personnel working abroad. It’s the behavior of American congressmen at home.

  27. joni reminds of the woman who becomes whip in house of cards

  28. Tonyb,
    what a cutie that Gizmo is…. what breed of dog is he/she?

    really good article. God, I really long for those days when politicians actually respected one another.

  29. RebelliousRenee: God, I really long for those days when politicians actually respected one another.

    also long for the days when they worked for the good of the country. or just worked period

  30. not exactly gizmo m.o. yet, but great doggie story on huffpo about a missing 3 yo

    About seven hours later, one of the volunteers spotted the golden retriever-german shepherd mix near a knoll; Carson was huddled underneath the pup. It appears the dog protected the missing boy from a thunderstorm by using his body to shield him.

  31. Dogs… had to take mine in for her annual oil and filter change. She’s a well behaved (mostly) dog who doesn’t do all the stupid stuff dogs do at the vet, like bark,choke herself trying to escape every time the door opens, jump on patrons, growl at other animals or the like. Of course it’s taken her 8 (9 this summer) years to get that way. Until this year she used to do all the stupid stuff dogs do at the vet, like bark, choke herself trying to escape every time the door opens, jump on patrons, growl at other animals and the like.

  32. What a joke.Sarah Palin scolding establishment republicanTs for gloating over defeating TP candidates in primaries?

    “I often remind my young daughter, especially, after her ball games, of the importance of being considerate and gracious in both victory and defeat.”

    From the least gracious person in defeat I’ve ever seen. Again, irony is a concept that escapes the right.

  33. patd,

    Well said ( RebelliousRenee included.)

    The Greatest Generation begat The Great Society begat The Brat Pack. Somehow I do have hope for the next generation of Leaders and Society in general – the younger people I know seem to “get it” and realize you’ve got to live in the real world in order to change it. OK, that sounds naïve and stupid, but I’ll give the next generation support. Everything has a season, turn, turn, turn…

  34. Typically, each generation sees the previous one as mired in the past and out of touch with the present and the next one as clueless, hopeless and unrealistic, at least that’s how it’s been for my lifetime. Somehow each muddles through.

  35. sjwny:

    Well said ( RebelliousRenee included.)

    The Greatest Generation begat The Great Society begat The Brat Pack. Somehow I do have hope for the next generation of Leaders and Society in general — the younger people I know seem to “get it” and realize you’ve got to live in the real world in order to change it. OK, that sounds naïve and stupid, but I’ll give the next generation support. Everything has a season, turn, turn, turn…

    Fancy you bring this up at this time. I am reading Generations At Work, a book regarding the various groupings of generations. It includes a detailed analysis of the generations from the “Veterans”, WWII era, Boomers, X-Generation and Nexters. It is a very good book for supervisors and people interested in the differences between the generations.

    My personal interest is how almost two decades out of the work place (and almost this world) changed my life and management style, from my generation, Boomer, to a mix of Boomer and Xer.

  36. I’m so glad that I read this obituary yesterday morning. I have reread it perhaps a dozen times and have shared the print version with others. Perhaps others here will be moved by it as well.

  37. Flatus,
    That part of Arnold that wasn’t placed in Frank Inn’s coffin? Bacon, Maybe?

    To Boss Hawg I say don’t be the fat guy on a lifeboat.

  38. RebelliousRenee,

    Hey Renee
    Gizmo is a pocket size Pomeranian. What a lovable little thing.. I told her the hair shredding is awful as i clean up after little Teddy (Pomeranian) every Tuesday.. Its been a year since i put Jessie down and i’m still not ready for another doggie..

  39. Whskyjack:

    The frustrating thing about democracy is that people who disagree with me, and are therefore wrong, get to vote and their vote counts as much as mine.

    This is obviously unacceptable.

    I have decided to become “King.”

  40. From “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”….

    Arthur explains to a peasant how he became king.


  41. Nash 2.5,

    Yeah, I’m King of the world too!!
    Well king of my world, that is with Mrs. Jacks permission but just wait till next week. Mrs Jack is out of town for 10 days then………..
    whats that dear? Bed time? yes dear.

    Shhhhhh, quietly, I’m king of the world really.
    But time to go to bed.
    Night all


  42. I clicked onto the hog castration video with great trepidation. Thank God it wasn’t showing the bloody knife or apparatus they use.

  43. Flatus: I’m afraid to ask about Boss Hawg.

    not to worry.
    he’s cooling his heels in the clinker… not crinkling his cracklings in the coals.
    [ahh the days gone by of just desserts. would not this same fate befall the koch and adelson ilk]

  44. from huffpo

    Jon Stewart called it “maybe the best 40 minutes any legislative chamber anywhere in the country has ever spent.”

    The New York State Senate’s debate over the official state snack is almost like a “Daily Show” segment by itself, even without Stewart’s wry commentary, as legislators argued over issues such as a definition for the word “snack.”

  45. Flatus,

    I am a member of the National Association of Black Veterans (NABVets). Wonderful people, excellent veterans. What the men and women faced in discrimination and hate to serve our country is hard to believe. Yet they did, many spending their lives in the military as officers and enlisted.
    The NABVets is a service organization, helping veterans and their families in many ways.

  46. CNN is changing its format.

    Starting today it will be: “Flight 370 – 24/7.”

    Instead of covering “The mystery of Flight 370″ MOST of the time, now it will be ALL of the time.

    Right now on CNN: a panel experts will discuss the “new evidence” of alien abduction of Flight 370. (The evidence is a grilled cheese sandwich that was discovered in the CNN cafeteria, that clearly shows an airplane being hit by a death ray beaming down from a flying saucer.)

    Later today, Wolf Blitzer will interview President Obama about reliable reports (on Fox News) that Flight 370 was hijacked to Kenya, by Russian soldiers pretending to be Ukrainians.

  47. Nash 2.5,

    Nash…. yeah… but…
    when will Craig be on to discuss that Sarah Palin could see those Russian soldiers from her house…

  48. Nash 2.5: Later today, Wolf Blitzer will interview President Obama about reliable reports (on Fox News) that Flight 370 was hijacked to Kenya, by Russian soldiers pretending to be Ukrainians.


    They will break away, only for live Benghazi updates.

  49. blue bronc,

    What amazed me was Mr Bright’s incredible dignity in rising above all the bad that he had experienced in the Navy by choosing to look at his service with great pride. “Every day, since discharge from the Navy he has worn a dress suit and tie, even when working on cars. He had his way of saying “I’m Navy, and we dress.””

    What I’m saying, I suppose, is that I hope Mr Bright will be proud of the camaraderie and work and patriotism of NABVets members.

    An anecdote. One night a couple of GIs ran up to our tent saying the first sergeant was deathly ill in our makeshift latrine. This was in VN in ’66. We took one look then rushed and got a jeep, maneuvered him into it and raced off to the evac hospital that was about a mile away.

    We made sure the medics took proper care of him as they carried him into the triage area. A couple of minutes later, a serious looking doctor emerges and reports that MSgt Brown is drunk.

    We had never, ever seen him take a drink. We all wondered what we could have done to cause him to become intemperate.

    Sgt Brown had served in a segregated ammunition outfit in WW-2, stayed in the service, and was now first sergeant of the Hq Company of the 184th Ordnance Battalion (Ammo).

    He was not the Black 1st sgt nor the White 1st sgt. He was Our First Sergeant.

  50. from thedailybeast’s tomasky

    Beirut Barracks vs. Benghazi
    ….. If you read only one Benghazi piece this week (aside from mine of course!), read this one by Jane Mayer of The New Yorker, which she called “Ronald Reagan’s Benghazi.” It was October 1983, and Mayer was a young Wall Street Journal reporter based in Beirut. Early on the morning of October 23, a blast went off in the U.S. Marine barracks compound. By the time Mayer arrived on the scene, “the Marine barracks were flattened. From beneath the dusty, smoking slabs of collapsed concrete, piteous American voices could be heard, begging for help.” The U.S. death toll was 241 that day.

    A few contextual facts for you. The gate at the barracks through which the terrorist drove his truck was open. He drove through some barbed wire, but that was it. The guards were unarmed. Additionally, this happened a mere six months after militants had bombed the embassy in Beirut, killing 63 people, 17 of them Americans.
    Review with me the facts of those last two paragraphs. Open gates. Unarmed guards. Six months on the heels of 17 earlier American deaths. A month after a specific and dramatic warning. Which the NSA, in 28 long days, failed to pass on.

    wonder when some enterprising soul will create a chart comparing the various costs of beirut vs benghazi including the taxpayer money spent on superfluous hearings on the latter.

  51. Is a drive to impeach Barack Obama on its way?

    by Paul Waldman from wapo

    and a posthumous impeachment of ronnie for beirut while they’re at it?

  52. Hi Tony
    Thanks for the kind words.
    Mr.C and I just completed the longest move in history we started in February and we finally actually moved last week. I’m getting used to off the grid living .I plan on saying more in the future but– we are still schlepping and unpacking.

  53. Patd:

    The House can impeach (indict) but then Senate must hold the trial, presided over by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (extremist right-winger) Roberts.

    If the GOP wins control of the Senate this fall, they could convict Obama and remove him from office.

    Which would leave Biden as President, which is no good for the GOP, so they would have to impeach and convict him too, at the same time,

    This would make Boehner President.

    Yes, they could do it and yes, they probably will do it, if they get the chance.

    Nothing is “Too Crazy” for the GOP these days.

  54. She knows how to castrate hogs AND shoot a big gun? Is this woman single??? (Asking for a friend) :)

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