If It Ain’t Got That Swing

Trail Mix Southern Command (Orlando) — Rummaging through some old boxes Mom and Dad found these cool pics from their University of Kentucky days at Joyland Park, Lexington’s premier dance hall where all the Big Band greats played.

Mom and Dad top center (1948)
Bill and Toby Crawford top center (1948)
Mom and Dad bottom right (1949)
Toby and Bill Crawford bottom right (1949)

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  1. It was a nice time. Truman elected. No more war—for another year. Good music. Good friends. And true, lasting love.

    It’s interesting seeing how large the beer bottles seem in relation to the size of the people. We are a growing population in more ways than one.

    Many congrats to your Mom and Pop, Craig; they done good!

  2. Nice family. Ah, those were the days. Mom & Dad going out on the town, leaving us with a baby sitter and popcorn. I want to hear The Lone Ranger. Sis wants dance music Sis and the ‘sitter’ conspire against me.

  3. “”I think videos games is [sic] a bigger problems than guns because video games affect people.”—Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.), January 30, 2013.

  4. Great looking couple and a wonderful time period in US history. Lots of bad stuff going on but no Cable TV or Twitter to tell us about it.

  5. Real nice couple… and nothing like old family photos.

    We celebrated Rick’s father’s 87th birthday yesterday…. looked at many old photos. Today’s digital this and digital that are not going to produce the same.

  6. RebelliousRenee: Today’s digital this and digital that are not going to produce the same.


    How true. The digital age is amazing, but their is something about the enduring intimacy of photographs that just can’t be captured, no matter how many pixels you have.

  7. In the early 1960s, I visited a big band dance hall in Massachusetts, just before they tore it down.

    Even though it had not been used in years the place had a good “feel” about it; it was a huge space, with a high ceiling, and a well-worn hardwood floor. You could just tell how much fun it must have been to go there in the 1940s.

    Here are the Kinks with “Come Dancing,” their homage to the big band era.


  8. httpv://youtu.be/0lhjszZNZvk

    Was home today nursing the worst cold I’ve ever had. The only thing that made me feel half way decent was Mozart. Go figure. I guess it is the Mozart effect.

  9. I did this little job for a guy over here who had in his house a Steinway grand which had some kind of computerized gizmo into which you could pop a cd of, say, a Mozart piece played by Horowitz, Rubenstein, or some such and the piano played it…….there were none of the limitations of the old player pianos……all the nuances were there and it was like seeing a ghost playing the piano. The guy didn’t play himself, he just said he liked piano music and this was much better than investing money in a super sound system because it’s a real piano sitting there playing itself……

    We listened to a few Mozart pieces and then the usual suspects (he made me drink some whiskey) and it was like seeing ghosts.

    It was a fine and wonderful thing. I’m glad I lived so long.

  10. I like that table set up…..long skinny tables, more people per square foot, put your drink down and your butt in the tray and most of the time dancing with the girls.

  11. 48 a good year……..lived thru the births and deaths of rock and roll……television…….poloroid cameras, space travel, country music, little mushroom private white schools…..

    the deaths of polio, smallpox, johns island, privacy, “Men, Women, Colored” signs on filling station bathroom doors, family-owned hardware stores,

    —to be continued

  12. Great pics! I wish everyone could meet Craig’s ‘rents. A couple of the nicest, most fun people ever.

    Jace – Feel better.

    Called for my first doc appt since I got new insurance. They asked if the new plan was through Obamacare. No, it’s through my employer. Then it’s OK.

    Huh? I’ve been going to this clinc for 15 years. Would they really have turned me away if I had an Aetna plan through ACA?

    This plan doesn’t cover as much as my old plan (it went up 15% last year & they wanted 30% more this year, so my employer had to switch), but my premium didn’t go down.

    I wonder if folks who got plans through ACA are having an easy time finding someone who will accept there plans?

  13. sturgeone: computerized gizmo into which you could pop a cd of

    The Washington VA Medical Center has one in the lobby. It is often playing, which is nice.

  14. I would love to take the time machine back to the 1940s, the decade i was born, to Joyland Park to hear the Jazz and Swing bands. Mom played Swing on the record player when I was a baby, so I was indoctrinated early. XM Radio is great as I can get my fill of this music daily.
    How great is the design of the Coca-Cola bottle? 65 years after these photos, and no doubt what the kids were drinking at Joyland Park.

  15. sturgeone: it was like seeing a ghost playing the piano

    yeah, spooky. it’s great to sit along side a ghostly joplin at my player piano and hear and watch and be transported to other times and other places
    Maple Leaf Rag, recorded on Pianola Roll actually played by Scott Joplin

  16. “The times, they are a changing” Growing up in the 50’s, from diapers to Sputnik and into 1964*, much of the music I heard was from the 30’s and 40’s, Swing being the predominate style. My uncle listened to the more modern rock, but tempered with country.

    Without any musical abilities, of any type including hand clapping in rhythm, I understood my limitations early. To replace my missing musical genes I began to listen to all music, not just what was new or old. My record collection, acetate and vinyl, goes back to the earliest years of platter recordings.

    These are ripped to MP3’s to join CD’s and MP3 downloads for daily listening content. The day goes better with music. Swing and the big band period of 1941 to 1945 are important to making my day go well.

    *1964 is when the music of youth changed with the Beatles and the Stones. Up to then it was pretty much a small increment from the earlier periods.

  17. sturgeone: We listened to a few Mozart pieces and then the usual suspects (he made me drink some whiskey) and it was like seeing ghosts.

    It was a fine and wonderful thing. I’m glad I lived so long.




  18. DexterJohnson, I’d guess those are the 6.5 oz Coke bottles. Pepsi had those monster 12 ouncers—that is until Coke caved and stretched their shorties. The new ones sure looked funny at the time.

  19. sturgeone:

    re: “family-owned hardware stores.”

    I remember family-owned stationery stores, bookstores, clothing stores, etc.

    They are all gone now, replaced by corporate retail chains.

    This was not “progress.”

  20. BlueinDallas:

    I remember MTV when they actually played music videos.

    I think Reagan was President.

  21. Nash 2.5, but now we have family (as in koch) owned congress critters

    jace, look on the bright side: at least he acknowledges she has a brain.

  22. The swing dance scene from the 1999 movie “Blast from the Past.”


  23. There was a radio station in Cleveland that had a fantasy dance program that played all the fancy favorites. People would write in the week before the program saying how they would like their presence to be announced e.g. “Mr and Mrs Flatus Ohlfahrt of Cleveland Heights. Mrs Ohlfahrt is wearing a beautiful gown from her native Korea.”

  24. blue bronc, one of the Pittsburgh breweries did a spoof when it was time to sell bock beer in the the Spring. I’ll remember who/what sooner or later–maybe.

  25. from wiki interesting background of song “nature boy” by eden ahbez, published in 1947

    The first two measures of the song’s melody parallel the melody of the second movement in Antonín Dvořák’s Piano Quintet No. 2 in A, Op. 81 (1887). It is unknown if Ahbez was familiar with Dvořák’s piece, or if he arrived at the same melodic idea independently.[original research?]

    Yiddish theater star/producer Herman Yablokoff, in Memoirs of the Yiddish Stage, claimed that the melody to “Nature Boy” was plagiarized from his song “Shvayg, Mayn Harts” (“Hush, My Heart”), which he wrote for his play Papirosn (1935).[1] Ahbez proclaimed his innocence, claiming to have “heard the tune in the mist of the California mountains,” but later agreed to pay Yablokoff in an out-of-court settlement.[2]

    The lyrics of the song relate to a 1940s Los Angeles-based group called “Nature Boys,” a subculture of proto-hippies of which Ahbez was a member.[3]

  26. I heard these two songwriters on NPR once talking about their craft and they told about this one time for a radio show where they were tamed with writing a new song every day for a month…..the npr host says “wow, a new song every day for a month…..that must have took a lot out of you…..”
    One of the writers says, “yes it did…..but it took a lot more out of Beethoven, Brahms and Mozart……”

  27. Wonderful pictures
    what a cool era
    folks were definitely stylin’

  28. another big hit in 1948
    Mañana co-written and sung by peggy lee

  29. patd,

    One of my favorite singers, and my mother’s too. Nat King Cole has a certain affect on women. Something special that if men knew, they would carry SD cards full of his songs just to play on the MP3 player anytime they want something from his/her sweetie (there are a few L ladies and G guys reading this too who could use this hint).

  30. Desperately Defining Hillary Clinton, Karl Rove Asserts “Brain Damage”
    by Taylor Marsh

    “Thirty days in the hospital? And when she reappears, she’s wearing glasses that are only for people who have traumatic brain injury? We need to know what’s up with that.”
    – Karl Rove [Page Six]

    THE SWIFT-BOATING of Hillary Clinton has begun early this time, with chief architect Karl Rove stirring up rank gossip and lies that Secretary Clinton has possible brain damage. If you didn’t think Republicans were petrified of Hillary Clinton before this should remove all doubt.

    “Karl did not raise this issue by accident. … This was a deliberate strategy on his part to raise her health as an issue…” – Nicole Wallace

    Nicole Wallace on “Morning Joe” called Karl Rove out for getting the facts wrong, but also said she’d worked with Rove so it was a calculated move against Hillary Clinton’s before the 2016 campaign.

    It was easy for her spokesperson to rebut the factoid, which Karl Rove reportedly repeated numerous times to the audience.

    “Please assure Dr. Rove she’s 100 percent.”
    – Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill.

  31. from and about clip above:

    The Paleface is a 1948 Paramount Pictures western comedy directed by Norman Z. McLeod, starring Bob Hope as Painless Potter – a totally inept dentist and confirmed coward – and Jane Russell as sharpshooting undercover agent Calamity Jane. In the film, Hope sings the song Buttons and Bows, which became his greatest hit by far in terms of record sales. This song also won the Academy Award for Best Song for 1948

  32. Bush’s Brain is talking about injury to someone’s else’s brain?

    someone needs a trip to the irony board

  33. Katherine Graham Cracker, ol’ carl better check with some of his senators and reps and other goper bigwigs who’ve had strokes before flipping his. for instance, check out this march interview on npr:

    Two years ago, Republican Sen. Mark Kirk of Illinois was paralyzed on his left side by a stroke. NPR’s Rachel Martin talks to him about his recovery and his hopes for other stroke victims.

  34. from cbs john dickerson’s
    Dr. Karl Rove makes his diagnosis

    Raising issues about health and age is also standard operating procedure in campaigns; in modern history, it has been a chiefly Democratic technique, used against Ronald Reagan, Bob Dole, and John McCain. Dick Cheney also enjoyed speculation about whether his heart condition had made him go nuts.

  35. chi trib’s John Kass [self-described: “…. I’m not Hillary Clinton’s biggest fan.”]: Karl Rove’s boneheaded swipe at Hillary Clinton

    the way Rove played this has me wondering:

    Does Rove have a brain? Or is that just a bloodless spider running around in there behind those twitchy eyes?
    It’s a classic trick, making an outlandish or controversial claim, then having the propriety of the claim repeated and debated, and going on TV to “clarify” the offending remarks.

    And all the while the rusty knife is jabbed into the target again and again.

  36. Absolutely nothing surprises me about stupid statements from Rove. There will be a special chair in hell for him – right next to Cheney’s. They will be able to talk about the good old days while they roast to well done for eternity.

  37. Calamity Jane was good for movie music. 1954 Oscar winner sung by Doris Day as Calamity (Much prettier than the original) with Secret Love


  38. Might put up a bit of an argument about Buttons and Bows being the biggest Oscar winning hit for a Hope movie since the 1938 Oscar winner in Big Broadcast of 1938 became his life long theme song: Thanks For The Memory


  39. Jamie,

    agree with you re “Thanks For The Memory”

    bet a lot of vets of his base visits agree too…. and shed a tear when they hear it remembering some poignant goodbyes.

  40. Boogie Woogie Swing…

    The Andrews Sisters perform “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy.” (1941)


  41. AMAZING video…

    “Family cat saves 4-year old from dog attack.”

    Watch the dog sneak up and attack the boy from behind, then watch the family cat zoom in like a fighter jet.


  42. Steve Doocy Joins Karl Rove in Warning Hillary Clinton Off the Presidency
    by Taylor Marsh

    Today on “Fox and Friends” Steve Doocy took it further, using Rove’s “traumatic brain injury” jumping off point to say that what he was really saying is, Does Hillary Clinton really want to spend 8 years in the pressure cooker that is the presidency. Does she really want to put herself through it?
    This is exactly where Karl Rove wants Republicans to take this in an attempt to warn Hillary off running for president.

    Hillary Clinton, should she run in 2016, will have to release extensive health answers publicly. No matter the gender of the politician, this is as it should be.

    However, where Steve Doocy is taking Karl Rove’s swift-boating belch is that perhaps a woman might not be able to handle the pressure of running for the presidency. Ann Althouse also joined in, revealing faux alarm over the response to Rove by Hillaryland, now wondering if something serious is being hidden.

    This is how it works, how a false smear campaign about a potentially formidable Democratic candidate is reduced to Sick Old Woman. Whispers that Hillary Doesn’t Look Good, I’m Worried About Her are sure to follow.

  43. Poor Karl, he just hasn’t been the same since he had his election eve meltdown in 2012.
    I think that he suffered a serious medical episode that night. It was very troubling.

  44. This was the real music of 1948, folks.


  45. Nash 2.5,
    a few years later they had another big hit (among many others). here’s the original version by the guy who wrote it and why.

  46. Nash 2.5,

    Awesome cat!
    My male cat will chase any dog out of my yard…. chased a huge German Shepherd out a few yrs ago.

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