Maybe She Won’t?

Of all the current and former Clinton aides who yak about Hillary’s 2016 plans, former White House press secretary Mike McCurry’s opinions are worth noting. No grandstander is he. And with no plans of his own to get back into high-profile politics, McCurry has no incentive to insert himself into the fray. But in video interview for Real Clear Politics he casts doubt on the chances she will run.

I’d like to say I’m the only person left – the last person in Washington who’d be willing to take some bet that she might not run.”

mccurryMcCurry said he wasn’t sure Hillary would want to go through the hassle of running again at this stage in her life, especially when “she’s doing terrific work” and “finding other ways to make a contribution.”

We all know what running for president is like. It’s kind of hanging around in Manchester, New Hampshire… at the local Denny’s shaking hands with a lot of sometimes less-than-interesting local political people. She’s going to do that for the next two and a half years at age 65 when she could be doing all this great stuff on a global stage? I don’t know. I think that’s why she hasn’t said, ‘I’m doing it.’”

82 thoughts on “Maybe She Won’t?

  1. I remember McCurry as being one of the few very capable press secretaries in my life time. Sharp guy.

    I don’t know how in tune he remains, but his thinking on this subject mirrors my own.

    I don’t see her running for many reasons, but if republicans want to spend their time attacking her, so much the better for the eventual dem. candidates.

    Keep up the good work Mr. Rove.

  2. “…..great work on the global stage…”
    Yeah what? I don’t know if it were her relationship with Obama or what and it pains me to say this but Kerry is a better sec’y of state. I haven’t seen any great work from her lately. Great words perhaps but not great works.

    I’d like to see her run and win but I have no illusions about what kind of president she will be. Better than the other Clinton or Obama but not that great And of course better than any republican.

  3. renee, am sure mike didn’t mean you and rick with his

    a lot of sometimes less-than-interesting local political people

    in new hampshire

    Katherine Graham Cracker, gov moonbeam? hell, at 76 he makes Hillary look like a teenager.

  4. Poobah, Dems could always reprise 2004, without the pretty boy veep candidate. Maybe not…

  5. I don’t think being president is the most important thing in her life at this stage of her life. Go back to Webb’s Democratic response to Bush’s Sate of the Union back when. He was marvelous. And he knows how to fight dirty when the chips are down.

  6. I was really pissed when I was going through yesterday’s mail and there was an envelope with something like Message From Edward Snowden emblazoned across the envelope.

    The ‘To:’ address was done in the format that the ACLU uses. I am a member.

    Back to the envelope. I’m glad I had a pen with me. I scratched a line through our address then, in big bold letters, directed the post office to return the unopened letter to Moscow.

  7. kerry is 70, biden is 71. why are they not more likely than hillary at 66 to be “finding other ways to make a contribution”

    oh yeah, they aren’t grannies-to-be

  8. patd,

    McCurry’s words didn’t bother me a bit. My state is just like any other state… lots of good hard working people… but there’s always your share of blowhards.

    I’ll vote for whomever I like best on the Dem side of the NH primary… if Hillary runs, fine… if not, fine.

  9. roughly speaking, she has a life expectancy of 21+ more yrs and they only 14. that means she can expect a bit more time post- presidency.

  10. I think that’s a great idea, boss. I know the national polls all focus on Hilary, but why not Kerry v. Romney? The feckless CEO of NJ of course all but said he’s running since Bridgegate won’t (in his mind) have any effect on his political future, since he didn’t DO anything,and his wife is so pleased to be in every public setting I’m sure she’d say , “Hell yes, run.” Watching Chris the Incuriuos battle Mr. 47% woudl be pretty good political theatre (of the absurd). Had a funny conversation wtih my KY ‘pugn friend about the 47% comment -- he said the number was right (referring only to the percent of “taxpayers” who do not pay income taxes into the government). He ignored the rest of the statement “who will always vote for Obama” (demonstrably wrong), ignored that over half of that number are employed and pay payroll taxes, that 1/5 of the 47% are elderly, that 2/5 of the 47% earn less than $20k per year. In essence, beyond the accuracy of the figure, taking into account ONLY income tax, he didn’t give a crap that the drilldown refuted Romney’s message.

  11. patd,

    It’s not a question of Hillary’s age. I see it as being something like battle fatigue where you have world class idiots challenging the motives of everything you do day-after-day-after-day-after decade until, at some point, the rewards of serving are no longer there.

    The bastards have won, and the electorate deserves the government they get. I sense that feeling in Hillary now.

    why shouldn’t she, if she wishes, use her abundant talents where they are appreciated and she gains tangible emotional rewards.

  12. I have to agree with Flatus. Unless she can come up with a reason either of sense of duty or extreme desire that outweighs the current rewards of her life, she certainly shouldn’t run.

    Why face what will be the non stop onslaught of hate filled swill when you could be touring the globe with well received charity or playing with the grandchild?

    I would love to see her run, but wouldn’t begrudge her decision not to.

  13. Bill Clinton on Hillary Derangement: “It’s Just the Beginning”
    by Taylor Marsh

    On Wednesday, her president husband offered a full throated offensive push for his wife, foreshadowing an announcement from Hillary for 2016. He even took the opportunity to take a swipe at Karl Rove, and the media, saying, “I’m still waiting for them to admit there was nothing to Whitewater.”

    President Clinton was in full political peacock mode at the Peter G. Peterson Foundation economic forum, which was followed by a Center for American Progress event.

    “First they said she faked her concussion, and now they say she’s auditioning for a part on ‘The Walking Dead,’ ” he said, referring to a television series about zombies.
    “If she does [have brain damage], then I must be in really tough shape because she’s still quicker than I am.”

    Answering questions onstage from journalist Gwen Ifill of PBS, Clinton defended his wife on Benghazi. “Hillary did what she should have done,” he said. But he was unwilling to engage further. Pressed by Ifill, he said, “You just want to get me into a political fight and I’m not doing that.”

  14. Ohtay.
    Why was he being interviewed? When was his last interview? Did the last one include discussing HRC campaign guesses?

    The little cynic in me is not convinced this was just a random interview.

    I have been doubting she would run. Right now a little “drama” by the Dems would take away from the Republicans primary season. Will she run? I still doubt it. And, with this interview I am more sure of her not running for office in the future.

  15. I’m thinking of changing my name to bad penny because I do seem to turn up every now and then, don’t I?

    I don’t have much to say other than I hope she runs. Someone opined the other day that she doesn’t
    want to talk politics just yet. I applaud that thought.

    I was surprised that it was Derby time and I wasn’t
    in on it, and California Chrome really jolted me.
    I have been away for a while.

    I made a decision some time ago to not watch
    msnbc etc. I have completely dropped out of
    politics watching. I notice headlines. This is partly due to me big sister and bil going absolutely pottly. They are planning to move to
    Reno, and I say it’s because they hate O so much.

    So I am reading, watching tv -- Ian Fleming story,Bletchly Circle, WWII, Big Bang Theory,
    my mysteries -- and working crossword puzzles.
    Those last things are keeping my brain going, I can tell. I read that Bletchley recruited
    math people and xword puzzlers -- anyone know if that’s true> There was a third type but my 71yo
    brain is exercising its right to forgetwhat it was.

    My family is driving me crazy.

  16. Thanks,Jamie. I’m fascinated by this entire topic because it was such a big project and was created so quickly. The kinds of skills used is also not what I might have expected. I love xwords but the people
    who worked at Bletchley are different animals from me.

  17. bethyboo: brain is exercising its right to forget

    know the feeling well… but not yet to that blissful stage of not knowing that you don’t know. fact is too well aware of all that I don’t know plus that which I once did but don’t anymore. anyway, welcome home. it’s so good to have you back on the trail.

    Jamie: Unless she can come up with a reason either of sense of duty or extreme desire that outweighs the current rewards of her life, she certainly shouldn’t run.

    she’s an old-fashioned methodist. duty goes with the territory as in her “Don’t think we can sit back and wait for someone else to step forward and solve these problems” comment last month.

  18. no country for old pushy women

    from bbc story quoting new republic article on the axing of nyt exec ed

    The departure of Jill Abramson is a bigger and far grimmer story about a uniquely powerful woman, whose rise and whose firing will now become another depressingly representative chapter in the story of women’s terribly slow march toward social, professional and economic parity.

  19. Well, if her not running puts ‘pugns in control of the House, the Senate and teh White House, while I might understand her decision, I wouldn’t condone it.

  20. patd, at first blush,I certainly am enthused by a a Clinton/Castro ticket. But it’s too early--the repugs must disgrace themselves even more before we get serious about things.

  21. And it’s so nice seeing the presence of our upbeat, revitalized Bethy. Welcome back!

  22. Another “why comedy is a tough business ”
    Wednesday Idaho Republicans held a debate among the candidates for governor and at the governor insistence, it included fringe candidates. To see the whole debate
    Below is a highlights video.
    Warning don’t view this while drinking the morning coffee. Put the cup down and enjoy.


  23. California is doing well under Junior Brown -- people even voted for tax increases

    Now if he could just get rid of the prison guards union he’d be in great shape

    Junior has served on many levels and has a good understanding of how governments should work together but don’t. (He was a terrible mayor) but he is doing a good job on his reunion tour as governor.

    Since we have no new faces in Cal we have to depend on our oldies but goodies

    Well there is Gavin Newsom but he’s an idiot not really fit to serve in any office

  24. I caught Harley on the tube this morning. What a character. Not the guy I’d like as a neighbor, but even then he’d be entertaining. Wonder what kind of flag he has hanging in his garage? Hmmm, a cowboy, a curmudgeon, a biker or a normal guy…tough choice.

  25. Falling down on my job as Trailmix bookie. Things have been a bit hectic. The Preakness is tomorrow. Here are the horses and odds. Take your pick

    Dynamic Impact 12-1
    General A Rod 15-1
    California Chrome 3-5
    Ring Weekend 20-1
    Bayern 10-1
    Ria Antonia 30-1
    Kid Cruz 20-1
    Social Inclusion 5-1
    Pablo Del Monte 20-1
    Ride On Curlin 10-1

  26. Good news on the neighborhood front.
    Mrs Jack wrote a grant back in March (while she was in bed with pneumonia) for the Play ground. We got the news yesterday that it was approved. In addition to funding 2 pieces of play equipment it also has a capacity building requirement. That means we will have funding to some of the Hispanic out reach I’ve been wanting to do( The city recognized neighborhood group has one Hispanic in a neighborhood that is over half Hispanic. btw my block club is not officially recognized by the city, we just do stuff and cause trouble ;-0)
    The total grant was for $15000 of that, the grant requires us to raise 10% through crowd source funding. Given that nobody at last nights neighborhood association meeting even understood what crowd source fund raising was, it may be and interesting summer.
    I’m beginning to wonder, what did I let Mrs. Jack talk me into.
    But it should be fun!!!

    More details later as I figure this stuff out.


  27. bethyboo,

    Bethy as I understand it, they wanted people with the ability to see patterns in the seemingly unrelated. All of the pastimes mentioned is that skill at one level or another. I do Cryptoquizzes in addition to Crosswords and Logic puzzles just for fun, but I’m with you that Bletchley was at a whole different level. They would have probably trusted me as a typist :)

  28. whskyjack: The total grant was for $15000 of that, the grant requires us to raise 10% through crowd source funding.

    Kumcho and I will pledge 10% of the 10%, or $150 in everyday money.


  29. There no “former” Clinton aides. The Clinton machine is like the Mafia: once you are in, you are in for life, unless you betray one of the bosses.

    McCurry’s comments are just fresh spin, to deflect the media from the “inevitability” story-line.

    If Hillary didn’t want to run, she never would have become Secretary of State; she would have quit politics after losing the nomination to Obama in 2008.

  30. Hillary, with all her faults, is smart enough and tough enough to beat the GOP.

    I particularly admire the “tough enough” aspect of her character.

    Thus, in support of Hillary 2016, I offer this song.

    I don’t like to use the “B” word, but in this case I think it’s OK.

    “Bitch,” by Meredith Brooks.

  31. Nash 2.5: If Hillary didn’t want to run, she never would have become Secretary of State; she would have quit politics after losing the nomination to Obama in 2008.

    Can the same be said for Kerry or was he just tired of the title “Senator”?

    BTW I always liked that song. This might work, too.

    The Bitch is back

  32. Pogo:

    Kerry’s problem: he wasn’t tough enough.

    Karl Rove beat him up and took away his lunch money.

  33. Preakness Update with Jockeys and Trailmix riders

    Dynamic Impact 12-1 / Miguel Mena -
    General A Rod 15-1 / Javier Castellano -
    California Chrome 3-5 / Victor Espinoza -- Pogo
    Ring Weekend 20-1 / Alan Garcia
    Bayern 10-1 / Rosie Napravnik -- Jamie
    Ria Antonia 30-1 / Calvin Borel – Whiskey Jack
    Kid Cruz 20-1 / Julian Pimentel -
    Social Inclusion 5-1 / Luis Contreras -
    Pablo Del Monte 20-1 / Jeffrey Sanchez -- Flatus
    Ride On Curlin 10-1 / Joel Rosario -

  34. Nash , 12 years and a secretary of state stint later and I’m guessing that Kerry’s toughened up a little -- and Rove ain’t the bully he was in ’04. Isn’t GW the last candidate Rove backed that actually won? (And face it, it ain’t as hard to run for prez if you are the prez as it is if you ain’t. ) Crossroads was a disaster in ’12.

  35. Gee… it looks like California Chrome has scared off an awful lot of horses. Every year I’m hopin’ and wishin’ to see another Triple Crown winner… and it looks like this horse has another gear.

    Please put me down for him.

  36. patd,
    great Tom Rush song. Tom is from NH. A few yrs ago, the 9-day fair I do in August for the League of NH Craftsmen was celebrating it’s 75th year. We always have a craftsmen’s dinner on Thursday night. Tom came and played us his songs and told lots of stories about the old days of running around with Joni Mitchell, Arlo Guthrie, and many others.
    He stuck around and partied with us…. it was one magical night.

  37. Biden/Castro

    Clinton/Castro is still a possibility…big it might not be 2016 & it might not even be Hillary…but I’m sure she enjoys the talk.
    She & Bill may want to have a less-demanding life to enjoy their grandchild.
    Priorities do change as we get older.

    I’m hoping Hunstsman runs, again.

  38. Social Inclusion, thinking the track maybe a bit soft and California Chrome can’t get it going until foo late.

  39. Here we are. Any misses or changes, get back to me before the race:

    Dynamic Impact 12-1 / Miguel Mena -
    General A Rod 15-1 / Javier Castellano -
    California Chrome 3-5 / Victor Espinoza – Pogo, Rebellious
    Ring Weekend 20-1 / Alan Garcia
    Bayern 10-1 / Rosie Napravnik – Jamie. Sturgeone
    Ria Antonia 30-1 / Calvin Borel – Whiskey Jack, Patd
    Kid Cruz 20-1 / Julian Pimentel -
    Social Inclusion 5-1 / Luis Contreras -- Blue Bronc
    Pablo Del Monte 20-1 / Jeffrey Sanchez -- Flatus
    Ride On Curlin 10-1 / Joel Rosario -

  40. Flatus,

    Thank you, for your offer.
    Mrs Jack (aka Sherry) also sends her thanks
    We are both deeply touched by your generosity
    I find my self in a strange situation in that I am at a loss for words So it is time for me to shut up before I start babbling.


  41. I wish to make Social Inclusion my horse and I will be riding with Blue Bronc

  42. I wish to make Social Inclusion my horse and I will be riding with Blue Bronc

    The Brown Eyed Susan is the drink..pardon the Black eyed Susan

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    Richard Gorelick, the Baltimore Sun’s food critic, called it the “poor old Black-Eyed Susan” in a very funny take Monday on the drink’s inability to find an audience or a solid recipe.

    The Preakness itself has often been more about beer than the Black-Eyed Susan — at least in the raucous infield. I’m sure the folks in the corporate tents are sipping something other than Natty Boh. But whether they’re imbibing the “signature drink” is another story.

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    I’m not a big fan of orange juice and vodka, so I think I’d rather try Pamela Hadel’s version at the Wine Market Bistro in Locust Point.

    Hadel agreed to make a Black-Eyed Susan on camera. It has a decidedly Baltimore bent with the use of Pikesville Rye Whiskey. (no vodka included)

    The other ingredients are:

    orange apple brandy
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    One ounce of pineapple juice
    Soda for fizz
    blackberry garnish

    either sounds dreadful

  43. My official Preakness cocktail…

    This recipe is a slightly modified version of the LEAST popular drink at the Virginia Beach Naval Air Station Enlisted Men’s club (1971).

    4 oz Southern Comfort
    8oz of warm Dr. Pepper
    Top with whipped cream
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    Instructions. Consume six of these within 45 minutes, jog 3/4 mile to the headquarters building and vomit in the rose bushes under the Admiral’s window. (This is best done in a group and after dark.)

  44. 1. I’ll ride Ria with Jack and Borel.

    2. I can’t wait to see the rich peri stand next to wee bobby jingle in the ripper debates, as the big Texan pulls a Jack Palance :

    “I crap bigger than him.”

  45. Or,maybe that should be a christ christie line.

    Waddevvuh, some ripper clown has gotta say it.

  46. I’ll bring some beer. I wouldn’t even know where to pick up a case of … uh…. Er….

    Never mind.

  47. Okay I think I’m up to date

    Dynamic Impact 12-1 / Miguel Mena -
    General A Rod 15-1 / Javier Castellano -
    California Chrome 3-5 / Victor Espinoza – Pogo, Rebellious
    Ring Weekend 20-1 / Alan Garcia
    Bayern 10-1 / Rosie Napravnik – Jamie. Sturgeone, Nash
    Ria Antonia 30-1 / Calvin Borel – Whiskey Jack, Patd, XR
    Kid Cruz 20-1 / Julian Pimentel -
    Social Inclusion 5-1 / Luis Contreras -- Blue Bronc, KGC
    Pablo Del Monte 20-1 / Jeffrey Sanchez -- Flatus
    Ride On Curlin 10-1 / Joel Rosario -

  48. Well, hell. I’ve lost two posts but managed to print one. It’s time to say goodnight,bethy.

  49. whskyjack,

    Jack, when you have the mechanism setup to accept the contributions so that they will count towards your matching requirement, let me know how to draw the check and where to send it. :)

  50. I’ve smoked a lot of Stizostedeon Canadensis, and Salmo Salar. I didn’t get so much high as fat.

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