States Rights Go To Pot

As states liberalize their marijuana laws in various ways the feds stand firm against it, creating another epic fight over state’s rights, one the states might just win in the long run if changing public opinion plays a role (soon, medical marijuana will be legal in 19 states).

Kentucky is now taking on the DEA for confiscating its hemp seeds:

Kentucky officials say the Drug Enforcement Administration is breaking the law in an attempt to illegally ruin the state’s industrial hemp pilot program.

potstatesThe Bluegrass State legalized industrial hemp in 2013 and the federal farm bill signed by President Barack Obama in February allows states to grow it for research.

Industrial hemp superficially resembles marijuana, but has much lower concentrations of psychoactive THC. It’s been used for centuries for making rope, clothes and other items, but growing it was illegal for decades in the U.S.

Earlier this month, the DEA seized 250 pounds of hemp seeds en route to the University of Kentucky from Italy. The package was first flagged by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.” — U.S. News & World Report


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  1. have a sneaky suspicion that this hold-up is more a hostage thingy and bargaining chip trying to get something from mitch and rand.

    or maybe it’s d.e.a. just being assholes. in which case they better pay heed to what the dem rep from oregon hinted at below from thinkprogressorg in Federal-State Marijuana Battle, Hemp Is The New Frontier

    Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), who has sponsored federal marijuana reform bills, took his hostility a step farther, telling the Huffington Post, “I think I have a copy of the Congressional Record lying around my office that shows that Congress just debated this issue and voted overwhelmingly to allow research institutions to grow and study industrial hemp. I’d send it over to the DEA, but I’m worried they would classify it as rolling papers and seize it. With every move, the DEA is showing that they are incredibly out of touch with mainstream America. We need serious self-evaluation and shakeup over there if they ever want to be taken seriously.”

  2. since the whole brouhaha seems to center around the private farmer issue, methinks this may also have something to do with current cases and on-going investigations that dea doesn’t want messed with.

  3. We all know that “states rights” is code word for… f*ck that black fella over there… for conservatives.
    I guess now states rights will mean… hey let’s get stoned… for liberals.

    Pogo… California Chrome is awful fast… I’d better be in back so I can hang onto you.

  4. lest you forget Stephen Colbert’s finger wag this time last year on the hemp hustle about which he noted:

    “That’s right these senators are trying to turn Kentucky into a den of sin. Instead of a wholesome place to pound Bourbon, while watching tiny people whip horses for sport. That’s why tonight, I’m giving a wag of my finger to Senators Mitch and Chong …”

    and worth the whole 2:12 minutes of above just to hear him refer to rant as “puff the magic senator”

  5. rene:

    You have a good point…”states rights” arguments usually involve conservative initiatives while here we see states trying to be more liberal than the feds.

  6. No serious discussion of pot would be complete without a clip from the infamous 1936 cult film “Reefer Madness.”


  7. The feds are schizo on the issue: seeds and money
    can’t have hemp seeds and you can’t put your pot money in the bank

    Obama has no guts and should have stood up on this issue instead of acting like an ass which is what he did instead. Childish behavior and the easy choice will be his legacy

  8. BTW… I used a hemp seed moisturizing lotion from Earthly Body all winter long…. best moisturizer I’ve ever used. I think you can give Craig a few pennies by buying it on Amazon too.

  9. Haven’t heard from Fearless leader, but here is the race card:

    Dynamic Impact 12-1 / Miguel Mena –
    General A Rod 15-1 / Javier Castellano –
    California Chrome 3-5 / Victor Espinoza – Pogo, Rebellious
    Ring Weekend 20-1 / Alan Garcia
    Bayern 10-1 / Rosie Napravnik – Jamie. Sturgeone, Nash
    Ria Antonia 30-1 / Calvin Borel – Whiskey Jack, Patd, XR
    Kid Cruz 20-1 / Julian Pimentel –
    Social Inclusion 5-1 / Luis Contreras – Blue Bronc, KGC
    Pablo Del Monte 20-1 / Jeffrey Sanchez – Flatus
    Ride On Curlin 10-1 / Joel Rosario – Jace

  10. YES!…. we gotta get another Triple Crown winner… please, please… we gotta get another Triple Crown winner.

  11. Republican politicians are opposed to medical marijuana … until a member of THEIR family gets cancer. Then they change their position.

    That’s what’s happened in Maine, many times over the past few years.

    The only value the GOP understands is “self-interest.”

  12. Bob Dylan sings “Rainy Day Women” …

    which, in NYC in the early 1960s, was a slang term for marijuana cigarettes.


  13. pot shouldn’t be criminalized at all. he only reason it is was so a bunch of ATF guys could keep their jobs after prohibition ended

    it’s a stupid policy kept in place by cowards

  14. ‘Beware of being the roller
    When there’s nothing left to roll”.


  15. Ms Cracker
    While I can take or leave it, I believe the wife finds grass a superior intoxicant to booze. I suspect as soon as she retires she and I will resume old habits of growing superior smoke. Once you learn to garden the knack never really goes away. Another reason why it is illegal. it is too damn easy to grow and very difficult to tax.

  16. We had our block watch meeting today. looking at this picture it is almost exactly representative of my neighborhood. One Asian , One black 2 whites and the rest Hispanic.

  17. “Now they have a wild hemp in their country, like flax, except that the hemp grows taller and stouter by far. It grows wild and is also sown by the Scythians, and from it the people of Thrace even make clothes…

    The Scythians, then take the seed of this hemp, and creeping under the felt covering of the tent they throw the seed on the stones glowing with heat from the fire, and there it smolders & makes such a steam as no vapour-bath in Greece could surpass, and the steam makes the Scythians howl for joy. This serves them for a bath, for they never wash their bodies in water. their women make a paste by grinding the wood of cypress and cedar and the frankincense tree with rough stones and pouring on water, with this they plaster their whole bodies and their faces and it has the two-fold effect of giving them a lasting perfume and, when the paste is removed after a day, it leaves them clean and sleek-skinned.”

    -Herodotus (transcribed by me, you’re welcome)


  18. Nothing like finally getting a cellphone signal and plugging in the laptop just to find out the dog food candidate lost.

    The issue of hemp is interesting with many ramifications.

    The issue of Obama and his legal departments continuing to treat mj as the scourge of the world is stupid. With just a few changes to the drug laws mj could become a cash cow for governments. It would reduce the power of the drug cartels and make our parks safer for hikers and campers.

    The “War on Drugs” failures are becoming very obvious to the populous. The question is why not to the politicians? Killing off the private prison industry is a good thing. Killing of the police state of using drug interdiction to militarize it will be good. Getting people out of prison for stupid minimum sentencing will be good.

  19. Hiaasen:

    Charlie Crist wants to go to Cuba this summer, in the middle of his campaign to get elected governor of Florida again.

    It would be a flaky thing to do, but that’s Charlie.

  20. httpv://

    Sunday Serendipity.

    For the lute lovers among you. Perfect for a quiet Sunday morning. Enjoy!

  21. jace,

    thanks. beautiful. question: is one who plays the lute a lautist as the instrument is also called a laute? I see that your link says “lutenist”
    a little touch of bach

  22. The war on drugs, especially marijuana, has been a failure. It has served no purpose other than to keep private prisons full of non violent offenders with ridiculously long mandatory sentences for what is essentially a victimless crime if indeed it is a crime at all.
    The war on drugs has had about the same effect on drug use as prohibition did on alcohol consumption.
    Like prohibition it has created a new and very wealthy class of criminals.

  23. Patd,

    I would have to look it up, but I think that if you play the lute very well you are called a lutanist.

    If you play it really poorly they just call you a luter.

  24. Katherine GC:

    Everything I have read about the history of marijuana supports what you said.

    The movie “Reefer Madness,” goofy as it appears to us today, was part of a systematic campaign in the 1930s designed to convince the general public that pot was very dangerous.

    The unemployed prohibition cops needed a new evil to chase.

  25. I am one of the 5% of the population who has a negative reaction to pot.

    It really does make me paranoid.

    Pot advocates don’t like to talk about us.

  26. “If she gets elected and serves two terms, she’ll be 77,” Karl Rove says on Fox.

    Karl is at it again. Guess he never heard of Golda Meir. She was 71 years old when she became prime minister.

  27. Flatus,

    It gets very complicated. See the word ‘lutern’, which is often mistakenly applied to those who play the lute, but in actuality is a member of a protestant denomination, generally more at home with a pipe organ or singing in the choir.

  28. Nash 2.5: 5% of the population who has a negative reaction to pot

    It is always good to note the less than satisfactory results to weed.

    As one who has never (a very real anomaly for my generation) even tried weed, my observations of those who have, leave me convinced it is no where as bad for health as booze. Also, there are negatives to it too. I know that when I no longer face severe consequences I will light up. If for no more reason than to find out if it is better than rye, bourbon or IPA on a lazy afternoon.

  29. Nash 2.5, puts an even larger percentage to sleep. old timey days it was considered a calmative.
    cannabis indica was a very old medicine used in the 1800s described as an “analgesic (painkiller), a sedative and antispasmodic agent all in one”

  30. blue bronc:

    I don’t know if anyone has told you this, but often, the first time someone tries pot, nothing happens. Many people need to do it two or three times before they experience being “stoned.” This has something to do with the biochemistry of the brain.

    Don’t smoke it; it’s bad for the lungs. Get a pot brownie, or some other food product.

    Be careful not to exceed the “recommended dosage.” Really. You don’t want to eat ten pot brownies, for example.

    And then, half an hour after you get stoned, don’t be surprised if a dozen heavily-armed federal drug cops break down your door, screaming and pointing guns at you.

    Just kidding.

  31. PatD:

    Pot (hemp) was also widely grown in the 1800s to make rope for sailing ships.

    That may be why deep water sailors called them the “high seas.”

    “All right you men. Get aloft.”

    “Aye aye, sir!”

  32. not just rope. how about hemp cars?httpv://
    oh Canada, there you go again

  33. blue bronc,

    I’m another who has never tried any of the proscribed substances. I don’t feel deprived by not having had the experience. I suppose i’m Leary of any substance that alters reality.

  34. Nash 2.5,

    And they mostly then and now used the law to harass black and brown people

    America’s pot policy has nothing to do with drug usage and everything to do with what law enforcement claims it needs as a wedge to cause disruption in certain communities. It’s a racist policy as so many police policies are

  35. Flatus:

    Regarding the avoidance of substances that alter reality, does that include chocolate?

    By the way, I got the “Leary” remark. You capitalized it. That’s a Dead giveaway…

    … for which we are Grateful.

  36. I’ve smoked Stizostedeon Canadensis and Salmo Salar. Didn’t get high so much as wide.

  37. The nice thing about marijuana is that after smoking it, it doesn’t need refridgeration.

    Interestingly, I never worked on a case of a perp who had Nightshade or Morning Glory twining through his fence, Amanita Muscarius spreading under his bushes, a Linden flowering in his yard, or a Coffee tree lurking in his kitchen.

  38. My town actually re-planted with thousands of Lindens after the Dutch Elm Disease killed more than 100,000 Elms. And the Feds didn’t arrest the Mayor !

  39. jace, you’ll like how james george of examiner compares benghazi’s casualty count of 4:

    The George W. Bush war in Iraq killed 4,489 American soldiers and wounded 32,231. The stupid war that was based on lies broke the American bank. It still undermines our economic security. Wealthy Americans and corporations made billions off the back of American taxpayers without a return on cost.

    As for Ronald Reagan, the loveable old actor, his actions in Beirut killed 241 American service members. Benghazi pales by comparison. Keep talking Dick.

  40. meanwhile, back in the state which trails only california in pot as a cash crop, its senior senator is aptly described in today’s courier journal

    Former Kentucky Republican Sen. Marlow Cook, who hired a young Mitch McConnell as a legislative aide, is criticizing his ex-staffer for opposing Obamacare and abandoning the political middle.
    “If he had any knowledge of the lack of health and medical facilities in the hills of Kentucky,” the former senator said, “he’d know it’s a problem we need to solve. For Mitch McConnell to decide the new health program is not good for Kentucky—it tells me he’s not looking out for his own constituency.”

    and further in the article

    If Sen. Mitch McConnell wins re-election in November but his Republican Party fails to take over the Senate, he still will remain minority leader.

    That’s according to a survey of GOP and Democratic political insiders published by National Journal, a publication that covers Washington.
    “McConnell himself failed to win seats over two cycles as (National Republican Senatorial Committee) chair, yet became leader anyway. He’s dodged this bullet before,” one GOP insider said.

    A Democrat who thinks McConnell would keep his post called him “mean as a rattlesnake and smart as a fox – he survives.”

  41. Flatus: I suppose i’m Leary of any substance that alters reality.

    That is me too. I have many reasons to test it, one is severe PTSd. I have heard it is good for that. Also, I have spinal cord injuries that are not good candidates for surgery, so that too figures into a toke or something from Alice’s Cookbook.

    And, then pure curiosity. My generation, or at least the reasonable cohort, seems to have done alright after 40ish years, and the generations after the Boomers are mostly good for keeping around. If the stuff works, I am happy. If it does not, I can always say I tried. But for this to happen the world of drug laws and federal clearances needs to changed and updated.

  42. patd: The George W. Bush war in Iraq killed 4,489 American soldiers and wounded 32,231. The stupid war that was based on lies broke the American bank. It still undermines our economic security. Wealthy Americans and corporations made billions off the back of American taxpayers without a return on cost.


    If people wish how to find out how to fight a war of choice and lose it, or how to take down the entire economy of the world through negligence and incompetence, then by all means consult Bush, Cheney, Rummy and the rest.

    As for their suggestions that other people should be held accountable for their actions, while they themselves skate, the media should remind them of that every time one of them is booked. Another case of lazy partisan journalism.
    Fox is a tool, the other networks only slightly less so.

  43. Just finished reading ‘Wilson’ by A. Scott Berg.

    For those of you who like that type of thing I highly recommend it. An enjoyable and informative read.

    A much under appreciated president it would seem.

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