Why Not The Best?

I couldn’t be more thrilled that Jim Webb acknowledged in a radio interview that he might, maybe, possibly consider a bid for the presidency.

webbIn my lifetime he’s the only real deal I’ve come across in politics since Jimmy Carter. Okay, for some that’s a bad comparison, but here’s hoping Carter’s post presidency has proved he was better than we thought at the time. Webb would be a better president than Carter because he’s been to the Washington rodeo and would know the score once in office. By “real deal” I mean someone who isn’t a player, a poser, an actor — but someone who would risk everything to protect and save those who need it most, just as he did in Vietnam with phenomenal acts of bravery that earned him medals (Navy Cross, Silver Star and Purple Heart) and that reportedly served as the model for “Rambo.” Webb strikes me as what we need most, a fearless defender of the middle class who would take on the vultures. A straight shooter, a brilliant thinker and author, this dude is the only viable contender on the horizon who can get it done. I hope he does run because I can say with total conviction he’ll prove me right. The only thing I could get more excited about is if we could amend the Constitution and make him Emperor.

53 thoughts on “Why Not The Best?”

  1. Woo Hoo. Webb is a great choice. A little hawklike for my tastes, but not in the impetuous way of the chickenhawks who’ve screwed us on the world stage and spent our blood and treasure with no understanding of the consequences. I could support him.

  2. I’ve always found Webb to be very impressive. The preference would be for Hillary with Webb as VP (yes I’m thinking of the age factor) plus I think they would make a great team. Love Warren but we need her in the senate snapping the whip over those greedy SOBs.

  3. All the speculation and recommendation will, in the end, amount to naught, and we’ll be left with another Clinton v Bush contest, and the rank-and-file, armed with talking points, will fall in line, like good soldiers. Long live the Republic.

    All hoos and woos to they who wear them better, but thank you.

  4. I’m with Craig! Why not the best? Get Webb’s new book: “I Heard My Country Calling: A Memoir”, and you will understand why Craig and I would like him to be Emperor. I honestly believe he’s the only person out there who can stop the disintegration of the middle class.

  5. dinesh d’souza goes to prison.

    Undesirable alien. Deport him to Pakistan.

  6. “…with no understanding of the consequences.”

    They understood the 300% rise in the price of gasoline and the 800% rise in the price of oil.
    So far, hardly anyone else has.

  7. not to be a cynical party pooper at this webb woohoo nor imply he would stoop to such crass pr tricks just to sell books BUT this little wh hint will help chum up free face time on the news….. cut down on the need for all those book-signing gigs in podunk.

  8. I meant no disrespect to the distinguished counselor from the great and sovereign state of Alabama.

    I only meant that the bushmasters knew what they were up to, and figured $4 plus TRILLION and 4,500 dead Americans was not a high price to pay for the riches that the oil patch families reaped. Names like bush, cheney, halliburton, koch, and mccain immediately come to mind.

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  10. Patd

    Either actually. Although you can become President at 35 it is so rare that anyone has the experience and judgement to do the job when they are anywhere near that age.

  11. I remember how up tight the up right GOP got over a description in one of Webb’s books about a man kissing his new born infant son’s penis. A cultural custom he had simply described, but you would have thought Webb had been molesting choir boys.

    I have come to the conclusion that for all their gun toting, bible thumping, patriarchal bravado most right wing men are very, very insecure in a certain department.

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  13. Now that was an endorsement

    Never really warmed up to him myself but given Craig’s statement I’ll take another look

  14. Nice post.. I’ve always liked Jim Webb, real deal it seems.. Ah but he’s more conservative than i like, Hillary too.. I like Elizabeth Warren the best!

  15. Strategist in Chief Needed for Midterms is Bill Clinton Not Barack Obama
    by Taylor Marsh

    NOBODY KNOWS how important keeping the Senate is more than President Barack Obama. He wants to help however he can, because the rest of his second term depends on it. But when a White House is facing reporting revealing “It’s not Obamacare. It’s Obama.,” it exposes the difficulty facing Democrats this year in stark terms. Everyone’s talking about it today, because of the mini super Tuesday taking place across the country.

    President Bill Clinton is the one who is engaged, but it’s not because President Obama isn’t interested. Democratic strategy is just not what he does or is good at and everyone knows it, even if no reporter is writing about it.
    The White House, they complain, has yet to broaden its economic message. The president has no set meetings with his political staff, and does little to help beyond headlining events to activate big donors. There’s no strategic direction. [Politico]

  16. Sarah Palin Claims Double Standard Over “Hillary’s Brain”
    by Taylor Marsh

    IN A FACEBOOK post, Sarah Palin takes delight in mocking the media over Karl Rove‘s dirty trick move to weave into the political narrative for 2016 that Hillary Clinton suffered a “traumatic brain injury,” readying the stage for making the case she can’t be commander in chief. That is unless the attack is successful in keeping HRC from running, which is a Republican fantasy.

    If Hillary chooses not to run it’s because she wants to make a difference outside elected office. It won’t be because of Republican smears, which she’s had to endure beyond what Sarah Palin has the capacity to imagine.

    No one is saying Hillary Clinton won’t have to produce complete medical records if she runs for president in 2016, which is expected. The push back against Karl Rove is because he lied about the length of her hospital stay, why she wore thick glasses, which was because of blurred vision from the concussion, as well as Rove using blanket definitions for what happened to Clinton, which aren’t in evidence.

  17. who is the middle class

    I google to see what different candidates say –no one gives numbers or incomes

    the coverage was interesting in that it said about Biden and Clinton that on separate occasions they had both given Elizabeth Warren type speeches

  18. Craig, I like the idea of Webb running. The fact that he didn’t want a second chance to kick some macaca was refreshing given the fact that he was certain to win.

    The man has gravitas and, knock on wood, isn’t fathering a child with his photographer like your 2004/08 candidate of choice did.

    The neocons will start to push the meme that Obama is weak on foreign policy and like they did with healthcare, they won’t offer a credible alternative which would make Sen. Webb look even better.

  19. 2 Questions about Webb:

    (1) Is he really running for President, or just VP? They’d be a perfect team. He can be her attack dog.

    (2) If he is serious about trying to beat Hillary, how does he plan to deal with the Clinton machine and all the MONEY they have been lining up?

  20. I would love to see a Webb run and a Warren run and an HRC run. If I understand Web he would be a right of center populist, warren a left of center populist and HRC a careful pragmatist. It should make for a good debate among the Dem party and will show up the reps. for the shallow intellectuals they are..
    Anything interesting in the 2014 primary season?

  21. whskyjack:

    Dailykos.com has frequent and detailed articles on primary races all across the USA.

    There are many GOP primaries where all the candidates are trying to outdo each other with right-wing craziness.

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  23. Was Jim Webb in St Paul this evening ? I could have sworn I saw him in the Wild Onion with 4 other fellas.

    Sweetie forbade me to interrupt him. Sigh.

  24. Yeah, I like Webb as well. Thanks for the heads-up on the new book, Mudcat and Craig.

    My Senator is Sherrod Brown here in Ohio. I love to hear this guy talk, he listens, then he talks in machine-gun fire rapidity. Last night he did few innings in the TV and radio booths at Nationals Stadium in Washington, as the Cincinnati team was playing Sherrod Brown wowed the announcers with his deep knowledge of baseball and even won over old curmudgeon right wing long-time announcer Marty Brenneman, who always praises repuggs. Brenneman even called Sherrod “a good man”. Now that’s a first from that mean old man!

  25. slate’s not so positive take:

    Today, former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb released his first straightforward memoir after a career of novels and historical tomes. In a stunning coincidence, when promoting the book on Diane Rehm’s D.C. talk show, Webb did not rule out a 2016 run for president. The clip was passed around first, as far as I can tell, by the GOP operatives at America Rising—anything to make Democrats look to be in disarray.

    and even more than not so nice caption for his photo.

  26. Pat, anything that moves China away from a coal dependence is a wonderful thing for the people of the entire region.

  27. I’m with Jack… I’d love to see lots of interesting Democratic candidates run for president. Even those that don’t have a real chance… it’s great to see the discussion their ideas can engender.

    The last thing I want to see is candidates not bothering to try because one candidate is a forgone conclusion.

  28. Bear, was Edwards my 2004/2008 candidate of choice. I really don’t remember that, he always gave me a creepy feeling. And by the way, always nice to see you in the hood.

  29. The 2016 GOP field promises to be another group of clowns.

    I would very much like to see Webb debate the eventual winner.

  30. patd, Webb hasn’t been doing interviews while working on the book, so he hasn’t been asked that question until now. And with his following of readers he doesn’t need tricks to sell books.

  31. now on to the general and “Mitch McConnell’s Big Mitch Problem” from mother jones

    As can be expected in a race that will draw much national attention and oodles of out-of-state campaign cash on both sides, this contest will get ugly. But with the hard-nosed and cold-blooded McConnell in a corner, it is likely this election will exceed those expectations. When a candidate doesn’t have to worry about his likeability—and for McConnell it may be much too late for that—the incentive is to get nastier…and nastier.

  32. PatD:

    Yes, please write a contribution. It’s fun.

    It doesn’t take long…all you need is a paragraph or two on a topic, to get the discussion started.

    You don’t have to do any research. Just write about a topic you already know something about.

  33. Webb is not Obama it would be hard for the goopers to try to say 4 more years

    He’s crossed party lines and come back

    He could run as inside out.

    Why wouldn’t he win?
    He might be too much of an insider for the general public to appreciate

  34. Nash 2.5,

    Pat, Nash is correct. Just to prove the point, as I took a break from overhauling my main computer, I wrote a short piece about Russia/China, etc.

    Didn’t take long. And the spilt peanut butter won’t even show.

    Please do write–you’re incredibly insightful.

  35. If you know someone who is between the ages of 50-60 and is in the category of long term unemployed, these people need help and compassion.

  36. Craig, I do remember when you posted a story about Hillary’s insurmountable mountain of money, $20 million, in her 2008 run for the White House war chest . That was in 2006 as I recall…who knew Obama would conquer the internet and pile up even more cash than that, about twice as much.? We did have some Edwards people here on the blog. I remember Imus saying he was always afraid Edwards would steal his watch!

  37. Katherine GC:

    My advice to an unemployed person over fifty is to seek employment with the federal government.

    Here’s why…

    Research on Human Resources (HR) practices indicates that Age Discrimination is far more prevalent than discrimination based on race, gender, disability, religion or any other factor.

    If someone loses their job past the age of fifty it is almost impossible to get a new job at the same salary. In many cases older unemployed cannot even get minimum wage jobs.

    Like most forms of discrimination, age discrimination is difficult to prove and the funds provided to federal government agencies to investigate cases is inadequate. At the state level the situation is even worse; many states have no anti-discrimination laws, or they have a law enforced by an underfunded agency.

    Ironically the employers LEAST likely to discriminate on the basis of age or any other factor are government employers, with the best situation being at the federal level.

  38. I like Webb, his decision to just walk away is still an issue with me. AND, Warren, HRC and he all share the same problem, they are aged Baby Boomers. What is to say they win, do one term and split.

    We need candidates for president from the 1960’s now, not the 1940’s and 1950’s.

  39. Jim Webb is a fine human…I remember in 2007, he was the lonely man in the Senate…opening and keeping open the Senate for 11 seconds so GWB was unable to make any recess appointments. Loyal to his party, like the Clintons.

  40. Nash 2.5: Just write about a topic you already know something about.

    and Flatus, thanks guys, but the one thing I do know is how little I know… that little is even questionable.
    as ol’ abe said:

    Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.

    and as ol’ blue eyes sings

  41. PatD:

    Any one of your many insightful and funny “comments” could be a “contribution” that you offer to get the day’s conversation going.

    The one above could get us talking about silence and/or Sinatra.

    It’s not easy for Craig to come up with something every day. He needs a break now and then.

    But enough about this. Give it some thought and maybe when you are ready you can try it.

    I’ve been trying to think of a contribution topic for several days but haven’t come up with anything.

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