Benghazi Perp Caught

For all the efforts to make the Benghazi tragedy a White House scandal, one thing got lost: Who killed those people? And it turns out that all along President Obama’s team stayed focused on that. They now have a suspect in custody. Critics did their best to shift the focus to Hillary, Susan Rice and anyone else that served their partisan political purposes. Meanwhile, the job at hand, finding the killers, was getting done.

Washington Post: “U.S. Special Operations forces captured one of the suspected ringleaders of the terrorist attacks in Benghazi in a secret raid in Libya over the weekend, the first time one of the accused perpetrators of the 2012 assaults has been apprehended.”

Sadly, there were those who cared more about scoring political points than finding the perps. Props to the Pentagon for keeping the eye on the ball.

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  1. When that footballs goober does change the name all those hats and jerseys gonna be worth something.

    I wish someone would name a team The Ignorant Crackers or something and see how it plays.

  2. Craig

    I don’t think I know of any site that has been hacked more than this blog. Why do you think this is, and have you been successful in identifying those responsible?

  3. Movingon, it’s been a very long time, maybe six months, since one of these episodes but we beat the bastards every time. We were only offline about 4 hours. Never can be sure where it’s coming from, these hackers are a cagey bunch. I’m against the death penalty, but here’s where I might entertain an exception.

  4. And by the way I can assure everyone the hackers did not make their way to any of your registration info, email addresses etc. That’s why I maintain a very strict spam and spyware filter. Whenever it senses trouble, like the denial of service attacks today, it immediately shuts the site down until we’ve fumigated the place.

  5. What, Hillary didn’t kill them? I couldn’t tell from the hearings.

    I think the RNC did the hacking. (Coulda been the heritage foundation i guess. Its hacks from their leader down. 😉

  6. If Dems ranted like the rippers do :

    Today the Obama White House announced that it had the alleged ringleader of the Benghazi attack in custody.

    In the 28 years since President wrong old reagan failed to warn Congress that he was bombing Libya, thus expanding the hostilities, every single republican politician has proven miserably incompetent at apprehending the organizer of the Benghazi Massacre.

    Today, America can once again stand tall, and geriatric bed-wetters can sleep more soundly, knowing that the Armed Forces of the US Government are on guard.

  7. By the way one feature temporary disabled until we get to the bottom of this issue is resetting a lost password because that involves sending emails to users and we don’t want that until we’re sure everything is secure again. If you forget your password let me know and I can safely reset it —

  8. Btw, USA,USA, USA!!! Great work in round 1 of the World Cup. Bad news @ Jozy though. Tremendous loss.

    And cudos to Mexico playing to a draw with Brazil. First time Brazil didnt beat a non-European or South American team in recorded history. Brazils goal total against nonEuro and nonSA teams is 50-5. Mx’s odds of beating Brazil was like 4%. The Mexicans done good.

  9. Congratulations to the team that scarfed up the perpetrator !

    And, welcome back to your adoring country.

  10. xrepublican,

    Yup. Of course the anti anything associated with Obama crowd says the arrest is no biggee…then calls for him to go to purgatory, ummmm I mean Gitmo.

  11. Mr cheney :
    Give back the 4,600 American lives you squandered in Iraq, heal the 35,000 wounded Iraq vets, show us the nukes you claimed saddam had, pay back the $5 TR!LL!ON you pissed away, release the names of the people who attended your super secret ‘energy policy summit’ in 2001, bring the price of gas back down to $1/gal, and undo the depression you republicans brought on this nation. Then maybe we’ll consider you sober enough to finally opine on some topic. ‘Til then, loser, sit down and shut the fuck up.

  12. The world needs a new book about the glorious bush wars, something to finally turn the corner and explain the brilliance of America’s first family of politico-military genius. This book could be titled,

    Hapless Shrubbed

  13. Maybe we won’t have to stop Iraq from exporting oil.


    “Sunni militants have attacked Iraq’s Baiji oil refinery with mortars and machine gun fire, security sources say”

    Maybe now we can enjoy $8.00/gal at the pump without having to get our own guys killed. We can just let the saudi’s ISIS surrogates do it using our weapons and ammo.

  14. Oil has been touched, now we just wait for the screams from Wall Street and Big Oil which will be the trigger to go back in. Vietnam had no oil. The Bush War restarts.

  15. bw and all who are disgusted at the return of the gang o’war, the daily show had a good one night before last on this very thing called

    Mess O’Potamia – Now That’s What I Call Being Completely F**king Wrong About Iraq

    Aired: 06/16/14 | Views: 387,305
    ISIS sweeps through Iraq, undoing everything U.S. troops accomplished, while the old gang of warmongers gets back together to voice their opinions on the crisis. (8:30)

  16. Them drums are a’beatin’, ain’t they? God, don’t we learn anything, ever?

  17. The CIA director’s National Intelligence Council issud a report IN 2005!! that said the war in Iraq attracted terrorists to groups to train then spread to other countries. A report the dark one and his daughter either dismiss or ignore. At least we can say with some degree of certainty that THEY never learn.

  18. Obama craters in NBC/WSJ poll; @chucktodd notes, “This is the public saying your presidency is over.”

    from the network who said the Dems were going the way of the Whigs

    Chuck Load a complete sellout

  19. Duck dynasty-bearded perp claims the Video set him off…the cause of the Benghazi attack on the US ambassador’s compound WAS that creepy video.

  20. Prior to HRC on CNN, Brooke Baldwin tried to increase ratings with the hysterical, Hannity-infused Momma. I felt she really brought shame to her son…very uncomfy with her tirade. A black eye for Brooke.

  21. re: Benghazi perp

    At this point, it doesn’t matter what Obama does because the GOP will always “spin” it to make him look bad.

    i.e. the perp’s capture was “timed” to coincide with Hillary’s appearance on Fox.

    And Obama does nothing to respond to this.

    When he does criticize the GOP, it’s always some sort of lofty, professorial, carefully phrased and fairly mild criticism. And it comes weeks after the GOP first attacks.

    When I see Obama now, I think “Wimp!”

    I’ll say this for Hillary: she’s about 100 times tougher than Obama, and she’s not afraid to hit back hard and fast.

    You’d think that Obama is intelligent enough to figure this out but he doesn’t.

    He’s in the “Presidential bubble,” surrounded by sycophants who tell him he’s doing a great job.

    Two more years of an ineffective wimp dragging the Democrats down.

  22. Craig: Book Idea:

    Have you thought about using excerpts of Trailmix “content” as the basis of a book?

    A selection of threads, along with a select few of the best comments from each, would make for interesting reading, especially by political bloggers and the people who regularly post comments, and there’s a LOT of them.

    It would also increase traffic at Trailmix.

    It wouldn’t require much “writing,” but only “editing.”


    What do other Trailmixers think of this idea?

    Maybe we could “vote” on what the best threads are, so the book would be somewhat collaborative.

  23. I predict the Democrat will win Cantor’s seat

    now Brat is trying to distance himself from the tea party

  24. Nash, NCIS has the perp. I feel better.

    Obama needs to be this way so HRC can continue the democratic presidency into the next decade. Obama has been met by obstructionists, birthers, haters and Faux News for years. I don’t think he gives a rat’s behind and I still find him a good commander-in-chief. Domestically, he is lame duck almost dead in the water.

  25. The mother Baldwin talked to is crazy and was estranged from her son at the time of his death

    in the beginning she was complaining she wasn’t included in the formal notifications…she wasn’t the next of kin…and the reason she was estranged is because she is a loon and when you see her on the air it’s because the host is up to something unethical

  26. Blonde Wino:

    Your view of Obama’s Presidency certainly has merit and you make a strong argument in its support. Probably the majority of Democrats would agree with you.

    re: NCIS. One of my favorite TV shows.

  27. Nash, I know NCIS is one of your favorite shows…in reality, the perp catch is more a Gibbs-Fornell effort, even the Sec Nav is involved in the catch.

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