Hillary and Glenn Beck Agree?

Maybe it’s the magic in the air with Summer Solstice approaching, but the fiery conservative broadcaster Glenn Beck and his favorite punching bag Hillary Clinton are on the same page about something. They both are recanting their original support for the invasion of Iraq.

Beck even admitted on his radio show Tuesday that liberals were right in those days.

They said we couldn’t force freedom on people. Let me lead with my mistakes. You are right. Liberals, you were right. We shouldn’t have.”

Clinton put her mea culpa in her new book:

I thought I had acted in good faith and made the best decision I could with the information I had. And I wasn’t alone in getting it wrong. But I still got it wrong. Plain and simple.”

As policy reversals go Beck gets credit for some generosity toward the other side in that debate. Clinton hedged hers with a bit more defensiveness — “I wasn’t alone in getting it wrong.”

82 thoughts on “Hillary and Glenn Beck Agree?”

  1. Hillary never learns.

    I saw excerpts of her Fox interview on MSNBC this AM and she was talking about how Obama should have given “military support” to the Syrian rebels. (Aren’t those the ISIS guys?)

    That’s how these thing always start… ie “let’s send some advisors to Vietnam, then weapons and equipment, and then … hey, we need combat troops because the locals can’t do it.”

    I believe that Hillary thinks that, as a woman, she always has too prove she’s as much of a warmongering idiot as the next guy.

    Bill didn’t seem to have that problem.

  2. Nash 2.5: I saw excerpts of her Fox interview on MSNBC this AM and she was talking about how Obama should have given “military support” to the Syrian rebels. (Aren’t those the ISIS guys?)

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe congress said no.

  3. boss, in hillary’s case, who is the other side to whom she should express “some generosity toward “? obama?
    and according to the numbers she wasn’t alone in her wrongness.
    from cnsnews

    … President George W. Bush sought congressional approval for a second war against Iraq.

    On Oct. 10, 2002, the House voted 296 to 133 to authorize it. Six Republicans voted no; 81 Democrats voted yes. The next day, on a 77-to-23 vote, the Senate also authorized war. Democratic senators Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Harry Reid, and Joe Biden all voted yes.

  4. Yes, everybody I know is buying e-readers and downloading stuff from Amazon.

    I still buy actual (paper) books, but I’m a dinosaur.

  5. Jace:

    re: “Congress said no.”

    Gee, Hillary never mentioned that in her interview.

  6. We have been led by these lizards into some of the darkest moral dead-ends in our entire history as a people. Did the Benghazi attack, in the larger scheme of things, happen because of a video or because there wasn’t enough consular security? Neither. It happened because the “United States went into the Arab world and spent a decade making gratuitous violence. There was justified violence—going after al Qaeda—and then there was gratuitous violence. As we’ve seen, we can decapitate al Qaeda with drones and special-ops raids. No big war needed. But by God, we had to have that war. And when you make war, other people make it back”

    Michael Tomasky making sense..

  7. I wonder if Hill & Bill chatted about it? No one should be surprised that Hill is more hawkish than your average lib. She needs to project an image of solidness and stability if she aspires to occupy the WH executive quarters again. She seems to be trying to own the mistake but apparently is not pulling it off as well as she might. I see it as a problem of optics for the most part. She is speaking the truth. Congress was misled by the Shhrub/Cheney cabal. I don’t see the downside of reminding the public of that.

  8. patd:
    boss, in hillary’s case, who is the other side to whom she should express “some generosity toward “?obama?

    it’s just that I find it annoying how, even when she finally admits she was wrong, she still works in those little comments to explain it away, like “best information I had.” Which is all she did back in 2008, so at least she’s more direct these days.

  9. “Rarely has a U.S. president been so wrong about so much at the expense of so many.” Dick and Liz Cheney

    As usual the Cheney(s) get it wrong.

    This would be a more apt description.

    Rarely have so few caused so much misery for so many!
    For the likes of Cheney and Lapdog Liz to even think about paraphrasing Churchill only serves to highlight their duplicity and cowardice.

  10. Awww Liz
    sill haven’t gotten over the fact that people in Wyoming think you stink

    the Cheney’s irrelevant

  11. by the way Glenn Beck is crazy
    have you seen his channel? Looneytunes

  12. Yeah he makes his money off of gun mfg and survivalist gear

    I’m not surprised he makes a lot of money
    There are a lot of people who are just as crazy

    I do think he is a sociopath and a deeply disturbed person.

    We no longer have commercial television but when we did occasionally our satellite provider would preview his channel. OMG

  13. Nash 2.5:
    Yes, everybody I know is buying e-readers and downloading stuff from Amazon.

    I still buy actual (paper) books, but I’m a dinosaur.

    Nash, I have my Kindle for the ease of transport in my purse, but I spoil myself with my hard copy Folio books. They are so beautiful and just a pleasure to hold. That at hitting the used book stores for older, well made editions. I hope there is never a time when a library isn’t desirable.

  14. I don’t have an e reader …yet. I like going to the library and looking through books.

    Our library system is great – you can get any book you want. If they don’t own it they will borrow from another system.

  15. Katherine Graham Cracker:
    Poor Hil smarter than Bill but none of the charm or humor

    Her lack of a penis doesn’t make her smarter, it just causes fewer distractions to her thought processes giving the impression of her being a more incisive thinker. But, he is clearly the better chess player.

  16. I’m a fan of books and magazines in paper form, but I have almost quit buying books except in digital form – I put them on my Ipad. I enjoy the books as much on the IPad, but I can’t do magazines on it and enjoy it – I’m too much of a fanner to try and read magazines on the IPad.

    MSNBC just played the Shrub “British Intelligence has learned that Saddam Hussein is seeking significant amounts of uranium from Africa” lie. He was certainly somber while reciting that BS. (Note to self, if you want to sell a lie, be somber when you recite it).

  17. American foreign policy is in shambles and has no consistent strategy or vision. Take Iraq and Iran. In the 1980s we provided weapons to Iraq in support of its war against Iran. We did this in spite of the fact that Saddam had used chemical weapons. Then Iraq had the audacity to threaten one of our favorite oil suppliers, and we went in and forced the withdrawal from Kuwait, but stopped short of totally wiping out the Iraq Army and toppling Saddam because George H.W. Bush (rightly in my view) wanted to maintain some regional balance of power and stability in the region. Saddam continued to be a pain in the ass, but was held in check by the west, and provided a counter-balance to Iran. Then Brush decided that 9/11 provided a good excuse to depose Saddam, and our military easily did so. We then set up a client regime composed entirely of Shia’s who, rather than building a broad inclusive regime, took a vengeance on all the Sunni Iraqis who had previously been in power. Same game, just traded sides of the field. So the Sunnis rise up, attract a large number of opportunistic allies and threaten the Baghdad regime, who had stolen or squandered all of the military and civil assistance the US and NATO has supplied.
    What do we do? We align ourselves with Iran to prop up Maliki and his corrupt government.
    Will we ever learn that the United States might be great at achieving military victory over foreign armies, but we are flat out lousy at building a working, democratic government in the aftermath?

  18. Joe, I have a different view ofSaddam. Bad guy, yeah, in fact ruthless nasty bastard, but he kept Iraq as a counter to Iran. Now we have Iraq under threat of control by a group formerly aligned with al Qaeda and armed by the us. The problem with trying to promote stability in that region is that its really hard to tell the good resistance groups from the bad. The goal may have been stability in the area but taking Saddam out doesn’t seem to have moved the region toward that end. We are much better at retrospective criticism than strategic planning when it comes to the middle east. I don’t know that your take is wrong, but I do know that things there are never simple and we and not welcome as a stabilizing influence by and large. So we fall back to force and what victories we’ve achieved have had short shelf lives.

  19. Gulf Fiasco I was a huge success. Not only did the bush crime family stop Kuwait’s oil production by luring “our best friend in the Middle East” to be “worse than hitler”, we also conned saddam into setting his southern oil fields on fire. It was a two-fer. Mission #1 Accomplished.

    Pretty neat.

  20. Me, too.

    Anyone watching Chile whuppin’ Spain? Still half an hour to go but Chile’s up 2-0. Funny world cup so far.

  21. The Washington Leaks – jack tapper ?

    The Washington Brown Noses – Xr

    The dc dick cheneys – ”

    The Washington Mallwalkers – ”

    The Washington Red Herrings. – ”

    The Washington 1%ers – ”

    The Washington FBI (Foot Ball Indians) – ”

    The d c – drudge conservatives, doily collars, dickcissels, dog catchers,

    The DC Unindicted Co-conspiritors – “

  22. from dailykos

    It is 2014. There is no current “Hillary Clinton candidacy.” Hillary Clinton currently holds no government job. And the Republican Party still sees fit to follow her around to her various book signings and other public appearances with a sweaty guy in a seven-foot squirrel costume because, well, hell if anybody knows. It’s because they had the leftover squirrel costume from an equally bizarre anti-ACORN effort and literally not one better idea of how to spend their time.
    So Clinton did what any decent author would do if they found themselves being trailed by a seven-foot squirrel: She gave him a signed copy of her book.

    and from softpedia more on
    A Giant, Orange Squirrel Is Stalking Hillary Clinton

  23. Orange Squirrel or Orangutan ?

    Either way, it makes more sense than willard romney

  24. Don’t squirrels usually collect nuts? Seems to me this one is either confused or has done a role reversal. And just was there is no official Hillary campaign there is no official Willard campaign … But feel free to hold your breath, it’s coming.

  25. “Crazy like a fox….” – Fearless Leader referring to beck @ 11:28am

    I just got it. ooooooooooo.


    brett favre exposes himself as cochran supporter.

    campaign slogans could be Flashers For Cochran


    Flash If You Love Cochran !

    This just has to be a political dirty trick. It almost makes me wish I were a tee pertier.

  27. X-rep:

    re: new name for the Washington Redskins…

    “The Washington Plumbers”

    The Watergate burglars called themselves “The Plumbers,” because it was their job fix “leaks” in the Nixon White House.

    (I’m sure you know that, but other Trailmixers might not.)

  28. It doesn’t matter what the “inside the beltway” crowd (politicians and media pundits) want to do in Iraq because the REST OF THE USA, has hade ENOUGH of Iraq.

    Too many young people wounded, killed, victims of PSTD, and/or unemployed.

    Even in my small town in Maine, the “word on the street” is “Take your war and SHOVE it!”

  29. By the way, the idea I posted on the previous thread, which many of you may not have seen, is that Craig should take some of the best Trailmix threads, along with some of the best comments to those threads, and edit them into his next book.

    I’ve been to most of the “political blogs” on the web and I think this is one of the best and a book, in e-book and/or paper form, would probably be something that many people would want to read.


    What do other Trailmixers think?

  30. Nash 2.5,

    Nash I think that is a great idea. Some of the comments both funny and cogent on this blog are the best I’ve seen anywhere. The absence of hyperbolic screaming and swearing is certainly noteworthy and the depth and breadth of experience remarkable.

  31. Hillary Sails Through Bret Baier’s Benghazi Barrage (Not even Greta Could Save Him)
    by Taylor Marsh

    IT’S THE tale of two interviews. One that revealed Clinton, the other that half was spent on hyper partisan questioning to appease an audience obsessed with ignoring what’s already been adjudicated on Benghazi. Bret Baier was so obsessed with placating his Fox News Channel audience that he spent his allotted time never letting go of the Benghazi bone. Christiane Amanpour and the CNN Hillary town hall showed Clinton at her very best, with a side of her coming out that she rarely let through in 2008. The Fox News Channel interview would have been an entire bust if Greta Van Susteran hadn’t shown up as the professional on FNC, even managing to ask a question about the NSA that bridged left and right.

    Wow, i just finished watching Hillary on CNN, amazing, she’s so impressive..

  32. When the world goes nuts it is time to sit back, have a beer, maybe a bowl of phở or kimchichigae.
    A week like this is when the blowhards get the news cycle, and the rest of us cannot get anything worth listening to. That the fools like Cheney and McCain speak of how Obama is a terrible president for not going back into Iraq is some of the most disgusting talk I have heard in years. They, of the gang that destroyed American men and women along with our treasury, should be ashamed to even be seen in public.

    Right now there is no good act to do for the country called Iraq. It looks like the Kurds will end up with a piece. The other portions will be split between Iran and whatever form Iraq ends up.

    My thoughts go to those sent in to evacuate the news crews and whoever else is floating around the compounds who might be American. They will do their duty and not let the constant thoughts of what might happen to them and the aircraft that will arrive to carry them away get in the way. Unless you have been in the military the concept of dying for your country may seem very distant or strange. It is very real.

  33. A line that defines Obama and his administration from that of the neo-cons:

    As of Wednesday, Khattala remained aboard the U.S. Navy ship, where he is undergoing interrogation by FBI and Justice Department officials


    No mention of torture, and the agencies are the FBI and DOJ.

  34. Even if you were a stupid idiot and thought Shrubs eyerack policy was good — it was so poorly implemented that no possible good could come out of it

    And he lied to the American people

  35. Jamie:

    Yes, the Trailmixers are self-policing. Just civil discourse here.

    We used to have a couple of annoying trolls, but they got bored and left, long ago.

  36. I love Rachel Maddow…best show on MSNBC.

    But it’s 9:30 PM and I’m too tired to think.

    Why don’t they give her Chris Matthews’s spot at 7:00 PM?

    He doesn’t require listeners to have more than half a brain.

  37. John Kerry never has said a damn word about how the USA got it wrong in invading and destroying Iraq. That irritates me.
    It was way late in the game when Hillary sat in The Green Zone of Baghdad that Sunday morning praising Bush43’s efforts in Iraq. Most all those dems continually supported funding that awful war, that rathole of a treasury drain.

  38. Petraeus: “The U.S. can’t become the Shia militia’s Air Force”

    Well, duh. The US already belongs to the Sunni saudis.

  39. Seeing all of the recycled Iraq warmongers on the cable news is cathartic….finally the media is asking them questions about the 2003 invasion and telling them they are wrong. Eleven years too late, War crimes? Failed policy? It is rough going when most in the US of AA wanting peace…less costly war. Transitional times…it is killing us.

  40. Craig, Nash…the digital book is a great idea…anything new is exciting.

  41. I vote for the Redskins to change their name to the Obstructionists! Team colors change to red and blue.

  42. from bbc story Fifa investigates ‘racism’ of Mexico World Cup fans

    Tough new rules to stop such offences were introduced by Fifa last year.

    A first racism offence by fans or players can be punished by having to play a game behind closed doors – subsequent or more serious offences can be punished by deducting points, relegation or expulsion from a competition.

    pogo, do these rules also apply to owners racist comments?

  43. patd,

    Good question. Because of LP’s fledgling career so far in soccer I am somewhat familiar with the laws of the game. But I have never seen anything in the laws of the game that suggest that owners are treated the same as players.FIFA does have a discrimination policy and it doesn’t seem to be limited to players and fans. In short I guess so.

  44. Well, I have to head over to watch the LP play in his last session at Valpo. Everyone have a good day.

  45. Nash 2.5:
    I love Rachel Maddow…best show on MSNBC.

    But it’s 9:30 PM and I’m too tired to think.

    Why don’t they give her Chris Matthews’s spot at 7:00 PM?

    He doesn’t require listeners to have more than half a brain.

    I absolutely love Rachel and never miss her, but she does need a few visits to a voice coach. When she gets excited or intense her voice hits notes that are absolutely painful not to mention needing volume adjusting. Her brilliance and intensity are admirable, but should include automatic earmuffs.

  46. What does Ted Cruz say about eyerack

    If the goops keep this up— Dem majorities everywhere

  47. One of the criminals that seems to be missing from the cable news shows is Donald Rumsfeld.

    The war probably won’t last six months, and you go to war with the army you have.

    Surely he is a qualified expert on Iraq and foreign policy. After all he was wrong about everything too.

  48. Ted Cruz, is he a political idiot savant or just an idiot? You be the judge. Whatever he might say he will be certain, and wrong.

    So Obie met with Congressional leaders to get advice about the impending foreign policy mistake in eye rack? Smart move to pull them in since whatever he orders will probably lead to a disaster of some magnitude. If he’s going to provide a use of military force he should invite Darth up and consult with him first so he can spread the blame back to the origin of the debacle.

  49. Mike Barnicle @mikebarnicle
    It says something sad that Bowe Bergdahl receives more notice than Afghanistan vet and today’s MOH recipient, USMC Cpl William Carpenter.

    and NBC pays him for stuff like this
    what drivel

  50. Cruz often wrong never in doubt

    right now he is just trying to prevent another Benghazi or so he says

  51. Joe Scarborough ✔ @JoeNBC
    A great roundtable discussion this morning with @hardball_chris warning American leaders against picking sides in an Iraq civil war.

    duh but of course when Shrub appeared in his sock stuffed uniform…Joe quickly ran and got his out* ..and Tweety passed out from envy

    *morningload never served in the military but was photographed in the flight suit for publicity purposes

  52. DC Red Army,

    Washington Babblers,

    When hogs and hoggettes get old :
    The Washington Hot Dogs

    DC Mesopotomics

    The DC RG3;

    DC Red bushes,

    Washington Monuments,

    Washington Pigeons,

    Washington Tacks,

    Beltway Bellows.

  53. Opera
    The War on Racism
    ‘An American Soldier’ relays the true story of Pvt. Danny Chen.
    By: Heidi Waleson

    I hope this review of a just opened chamber opera in DC comes thru unscathed. The story it relates of the systematic racist torment of Pvt Danny Chen is horrific. If nothing else, do a search on that individual. The Journal has a good page on his situation.

  54. If Synder can no longer trademark redskins
    does that mean it is open season on printing up

  55. I was thinking you could do a whole skin series

    all different colors using the teams official Indian logo

  56. Katherine Graham Cracker:.. do a whole skin series
    all different colors…

    that’s why I tho’t they could call themselves the skins. … sans apostrophe…. the players, as we all are, are every hue of the fleshy rainbow, ranging from fish belly white to midnight blue.

    trouble is too tempting for some to pervert to terms like skinheads or coloureds which would really cause an uproar.

  57. once more with feeling

    hope the r n c intern still has a job after caressing the book and that thumbs up to Hillary

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