Beware of Bears

By PatD

Perhaps it’s time to pay attention to other news in the Mideast that has less to do with crazed killers and more about creative capitalists in communist clothing. Such as the news story: “China to unveil $46bn investment in Pakistan during visit by Xi Jingping — Chinese president’s rare visit and huge investment is part of plan to expand Beijing’s trade and transport footprint across Central and South” (The Guardian).

Is there something here we’re missing in these recent signs of economic and military expansions? And do we need to heed the warning from “the Big Lebowski”:

— PatD is a Trail Mix Contributor

And that’s the wonderful thing about family travel:

Blue Bronc

it provides you with experiences that will remain locked forever in the scar tissue of your mind.”  — Dave Barry

Road trip!  This is the best idea ever.  Road trip to Iowa.  Now I used to do that when my parents would bundle all of us children up in the car and with Mom in the passenger seat, we would go west from Detroit to Chariton, Iowa.  The purpose was always to see Grandma and Grandpa, my mother’s father and her step-mother.  In to farm country we went.  For Thanksgiving, and sometime during the summer for the Iowa State Fair.  Great stuff.

Now I know things have changed over the years, such as having a complete interstate highway system.  And Sirius radio so you do not go freakin’ nuts trying to find a radio station to change the noise pattern from highway roar to C&W truckin’ music.  And, there are no more Howard Johnson’s.

howardjohnsonsDoing the road trip in the van makes a lot more sense than in a bus.  You get to see the world as you drive by in a car.  In a bus the view is not the same.  You get to stop in gas stations every 300 miles (or less depending on your bladder).   Stopping in places lets you see prices.  Visiting towns or cities lets you see for yourself the price of gasoline and milk.  Critical knowledge points for those times when some smartass asks you what the price of milk is.

Doing the up close and personal with real people, like those working for a living, right now allows a lot of time in the future to remember these experiences when giving speeches.  I will say that having time to talk with HRC is something  important for those doing the personal contact thing, each of these people will have fine memories to share for a long period.  Personally, I would like to have the experience, just as I would with Obama.

This morning I was talking with someone, a federal employee, about waking up early and writing for Trail Mix.  She asked what the latest post was about and I told her Hillary’s announcement [Insisting on Safety. . .].  She asked If I was going to write support articles, I told her no.  I have no reason to write those here, but I would be writing things to remind her of who we are and to keep her aim at our level.  Also, posts about the Republican clown car; but those would be too easy so I would not do too many.

Blue Bronc is a Trail Mix Contributor

Insisting on absolute safety is for people who …

don’t have the balls to live in the real world.”
— Mary Shafer, NASA (1989)

Blue Bronc
Well. After a couple years of vapid nothings we are in the countdown to a launch.  Not just any launch, but a full-fledged billion dollar explosion of power dollars launch.

Am I surprised at the multi-day warning to this announcement?  No.  In fact I am concerned that this is going to be like what we used to call vapor-ware.  A lot of promise of delivery and in the end the product has as much substance as a puff of cloud.

HRC has all by the short hairs and is ready to smash away with a mallet when she announces. The backwater talk keeps up with many references to Bill, Lewinsky, Benghazi (the never ending Republican search that nobody else cares about), New York, Arkansas, D.C., dancing with the real people, haircuts, pant suits, passing out and hubris excelsior. So far the Republicans are not chipping the voters away.

Can she produce a campaign that does keep the Republican clown car occupants destroying the Republican brand?  Sure.  A camel dressed in a serape can do that.  Can she help down ballot?  That is the big question.  One that she needs to address if she wants to run our country with a friendly Congress.

There are many other concerns I have about America, and I hope they are addressed during the next year and a half, addressed in a way that show how wrong it is to elect Republicans. I don’t expect to elect HRC based on those.  I do want her elected because she might turn out to be a good president.

— Blue Bronc is a Trail Mix contributor