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PageLines- craig_crawford1.gifTrail Mix Publisher Craig Crawford is a veteran Washington journalist. He has covered the nation’s capital since 1989 for a variety of publications and broadcasters. He blogs daily on a wide range of national issues.

Before joining Congressional Quarterly, later re-named CQ Roll Call (2003-2011), Crawford was Editor-in-Chief of The Hotline (1997-2003), an online news digest that is an institution inside the Beltway and out. Prior to running The Hotline, Crawford was The Orlando Sentinel’s Washington Bureau Chief (1989-1997) and had been working for the newspaper since 1985 covering legal issues, politics and presidential campaigns.

Crawford practiced law in Florida, specializing in products liability, before becoming a journalist. He also once ran unsuccessfully for a state legislative seat in Orlando (1982), and worked in three Democratic presidential campaigns (1976-84: Jimmy Carter, John Glenn, Walter Mondale), so he has seen both sides of the media and politics world. Although no longer practicing law, Crawford is still a licensed attorney in the Florida Bar.

While in high school, Crawford served as a United States Senate page (1972, appointed by Sen. Ed Gurney, R-Florida) and as a college student worked in the White House Press Office (1977, Carter Administration).

Crawford has lived in Washington, DC, since 1989 with his partner, David Blank, Deputy Communications Director, Alliance for Retired Americans. They were married in April, 2013.

Craig’s first book, “Attack the Messenger,” published by Rowman & Littlefield, is available in hardcover and paperback on Amazon.com. His second book for Rowman & Littlefield, “The Politics of Life,” is available in hardcover and paperback on Amazon.com. His latest book, published by Scribner, is “Listen Up, Mr. President: Everything You Always Wanted Your President to Know and Do,” available in hardcover and paperback on Amazon.com.

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