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(A message from your Publisher, Craig Crawford)

This is a unique and evolved community of interesting, intelligent, witty and engaged participants. Many of our 500+ regular contributors add their thoughts almost daily to the Comments sections. Some have been doing so since Trail Mix was launched in 2005.

There is no requirement to base comments on the posted topic, although it is appreciated, whether pro or con. Our daily posts are mini-columns read by many visitors who do not participate in the Comments sections. Some “lurk” and read the comments. Others just peruse and move on. Ha, and then there are those who only read the commenters.

After many years of moderating this foum I’ve learned much about human behavior in a public cyber forum (some of it the hard way). Like other online communities, sometimes the passions in ours run high. Now and then the place goes completely nuts. So I decided to set forth some guidelines that, among other things, might help steer us through those ugly moments when we all need to get back to common ground. Your host reserves the right to ask violators to leave, to delete comments and even block access. This has been — and hopefully will continue to be — an utterly rare occurrence.

Political opinions and ideology of all types are welcome. Criticism of what I’ve written or said on TV is always fair game. After more than 25 years in journalism, my skin is plenty thick.

This is an open-thread site, meaning that I do not moderate each comment before publishing. That makes following our guidelines all the more important. And it means that violations deserving deletion might remain on the site for a period of time.

If you see a violation, respectfully call the commenter’s attention to the appropriate guideline on this page. The commenter might not be aware of our policies. If that doesn’t work, report the violation to help@craigcrawford.com. It is likely never going to be helpful to engage a lengthy argument with a violator in the public forum.

Please review our TOP TEN WAYS TO BE A BETTER COMMENTER. These guidelines — inspired by Lifehacker Editor Gina Trapani — are solely designed to encourage civil dialogue that allows enlightening debate and discussion.

Nothing here is intended to restrict the free expression of honest ideas. Respectful and respectable behavior is our only goal.

Your Host and Publisher,
Craig Crawford