Sad News, But No Choice

I am sorry to report that cyber attacks on our site (Referer Spam), which I cannot stop despite countless hours and hundreds of dollars spent, have left me no choice but to shut down Trail Mix as we know it. The sophisticated attacks are just more than I can handle.

My major concern is how these spammers are subjecting you to malicious sites seeking to infect your computers. Do not click or download anything on a pop-up here. None are my doing. They are all fraudulent. They can only harm you if you click or download something on their sites.

This is a sad decision. Guess this is what I get for getting back into politics.

I will keep this scaled-down version of the site online in hopes that our community can stay together without these malicious attacks. If not, I will simply have to take it down and start all over again.

— Craig Crawford


Mountains made from water ice rise 11,000 feet (3,500 meters) above Pluto’s surface.
Mountains made from water ice rise 11,000 feet (3,500 meters) above Pluto’s surface.

plutodNational Geographic — “NASA has released the first of many images taken during New Horizons’ close encounter with dwarf planet Pluto. And they are, in a word, astounding.”

“I expected it would be complicated and fascinating, but I had no idea it would be this complicated and this fascinating. All of the scientists are absolutely thrilled.” — Will Grundy, Lowell Observatory

Sunset Over Mars

NASA — Curiosity Mars rover recorded this view of the sun setting at the close of the mission’s 956th Martian day, or sol (April 15, 2015), from the rover’s location in Gale Crater.

Dust in the Martian atmosphere has fine particles that permit blue light to penetrate the atmosphere more efficiently than longer-wavelength colors. That causes the blue colors in the mixed light coming from the sun to stay closer to sun’s part of the sky, compared to the wider scattering of yellow and red colors. The effect is most pronounced near sunset, when light from the sun passes through a longer path in the atmosphere than it does at mid-day.

Happy Tuesday

Wandering around New England this weekend looking for something to do? Why not meet Jim Webb?

Friday, May 15
1:00 – 2:00 pm ET
Portsmouth Business Forum Luncheon Speech and Q&A
1 New Hampshire Avenue (formerly Pease AFB)
Portsmouth, NH

Saturday, May 16
Noon to 1:00pm ET
Former Dover Mayor Wil Boc and his wife Carol host a Democratic party Meet and Greet at their home:
8 Arch St. Dover, NH

For more about Jim Webb’s life and career visit

Slate Wiping Time

[avatar user=”patd” size=”thumbnail” align=”left”]By PatD[/avatar]

“I believe that one of our next generation of Republican leaders — one who may not be as well-known as I am today, one who has not yet taken their message across the country, one who is just getting started — may well emerge as being better able to defeat the Democrat nominee. In fact, I expect and hope that to be the case.” — Mitt Romney

Has the time come to pass the torch? Not just juice up the grand old party with geritol tweets and flash mobs of tech-savvy geezers but revamp and revitalize it with fresh untired, untried blood? Same goes for others in the game.

But who are these next generation Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians and Indies? From under what rock, upon what mountain top do we find them or are they already among us yet to be anointed and taken seriously as leaders?

Should Mitt’s admonition be ignored by our experienced pols and as Pete Seeger sings:

As sleep dims my vision, I say to myself
Is there anything else I should lay on the shelf?
But nations are warring and business is vexed
So I’ll stick around to see what happens next

– PatD is a Trail Mix Contributor