Insisting on absolute safety is for people who …

don’t have the balls to live in the real world.”
— Mary Shafer, NASA (1989)

Blue Bronc
Well. After a couple years of vapid nothings we are in the countdown to a launch.  Not just any launch, but a full-fledged billion dollar explosion of power dollars launch.

Am I surprised at the multi-day warning to this announcement?  No.  In fact I am concerned that this is going to be like what we used to call vapor-ware.  A lot of promise of delivery and in the end the product has as much substance as a puff of cloud.

HRC has all by the short hairs and is ready to smash away with a mallet when she announces. The backwater talk keeps up with many references to Bill, Lewinsky, Benghazi (the never ending Republican search that nobody else cares about), New York, Arkansas, D.C., dancing with the real people, haircuts, pant suits, passing out and hubris excelsior. So far the Republicans are not chipping the voters away.

Can she produce a campaign that does keep the Republican clown car occupants destroying the Republican brand?  Sure.  A camel dressed in a serape can do that.  Can she help down ballot?  That is the big question.  One that she needs to address if she wants to run our country with a friendly Congress.

There are many other concerns I have about America, and I hope they are addressed during the next year and a half, addressed in a way that show how wrong it is to elect Republicans. I don’t expect to elect HRC based on those.  I do want her elected because she might turn out to be a good president.

— Blue Bronc is a Trail Mix contributor

Church of Sciencefictionology

Rebellious Renee
I have always had a fascination with how people come to their beliefs… especially concerning religions. So it was a year ago that I ran to my local independent bookstore to scoff up Lawrence Wright’s new tome on Scientology, Going Clear. I devoured it in 3 days. I found it astonishing and horrific. I mean… how could something so cultish possibly be allowed to flourish here in the good ol’ USofA.

goingclearI watched Alex Gibney’s documentary based on Lawrence’s book last night on HBO.  Even though I already knew what was revealed, it made a big impact on me by seeing the faces and the emotions of the ex COS members who are willing to expose themselves to so much harassment from this so called “church” in order to tell the truth about it’s practices and membership.

As an aside…  back when Rick and I were newly married, living and working in Worcester Massachusetts, Rick was approached by a young man who gave him a copy of Ron L. Hubbard’s, Dianetics.  We both read it and thought it was BS. The man tried several times in vain to recruit Rick.  It is obvious that COS goes after young people who, they hope, are confused and desperately trying to find meaning in their lives.  Fortunately for Rick and I, our only qualifications back then were that we were young.

— Rebellious Renee is a Trail Mix Contributor