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Political Spouse: Spice or Spoiler?

Let’s talk about the “other half” and the problems or benefits candidates have with them. What is fair game for the media and the voters to expose and consider with regard to the negative or positive influence and personal history of a political wife or husband?

Take Mitch for instance: How can he go wrong married to a Shirley Temple look-a-like? An experienced former cabinet member, his wife comports herself admirably in ads refuting claims of his Republican war on women and the questioning of her ethnicity.

It’s also helpful that she is rich. [My apologies here for wrongly insinuating on a previous thread that Harry Truman's "You can't get rich in politics unless you're a crook" applies to the Senator.] “In truth, most of the growth in his wealth stems from his marriage and money his wife received after her mother died,” says the Tampa Bay Times.

hillary-bill-clinton-60-minutes-1992Then there’s the dynamic Clinton duo. Over the years in their spousal roles each have played spice, spoiler, sweet and sour for the other. Think back to the sensational accusations made against one or the other of infidelity, racism, financial improprieties … and even murder.

Notable wives in history include Rachel Jackson who “married Andrew Jackson in 1791, thinking that her first husband had divorced her, but they had to remarry in 1794, giving rise to adultery and bigamy charges raised against Jackson when he ran for president” — and Eleanor Roosevelt who “helped with Franklin’s political career, despite her devastation in 1918 to discover his affair with her social secretary.” (

Who is your most memorable politician’s wife, husband or significant other?

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Running Against Obama

The long anticipated U.S. Senate race for the seat left open by the retirement of Jay Rockefeller (D, WV) is underway and it is unfolding as expected. Democrat Natalie Tennant, the sitting Secretary of State is running against Republican Shelly Moore Capito, the sitting U.S. Representative from the second district of West Virginia.

Shelly Moore Capito (R)

Capito (daughter of disgraced but defiant ex-governor Arch Moore) is running against Barack Obama – well, more properly against Obamacare, the War Against Coal and anything with Obama’s name associated with it.

After seven terms in the House, Capito doesn’t mention a single law passed or any accomplishment of hers or the Republican House to help West Virginia or the country while she’s served. Tennant on the other hand lists things she has done, convictions from charges she has caused to be brought against corrupt businessmen and money she’s saved the state and unused funds she returned to the treasury from her office’s budget. Oh, and there is the obligatory shot at Elizabeth Warren, who came to a fund raiser for Tennant.

Natalie Tennant
Natalie Tennant (D)

Capito’s ads tie Tennant to Obama – even on issues Obama supports and Tennant opposes – like carbon taxes and more regulation of coal burning power plants.

RealClearPolitics ran a piece on the campaign, and the Charleston Gazette ahs run numerous pieces descbing the ads.

The latest Rasmussen poll gives Capito a 17 point edge.

It’s gonna be a long fall. Thank god football has returned to the TV.

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What Should Happen to the Violent Demonstrators?

The ones who took the occasion as an opportunity to break into shops and businesses pilfering what they felt entitled to. Should they be identified, where possible, and referred to a Grand Jury? Or, should they simply be asked to repair the damage they caused and pay for the goods they stole?

Or, should the shopkeepers be forced to their knees on the sidewalks in front of their shops while representatives of the Demonstrators decide whether they should be held accountable for crimes against the People for charging for goods and services in a neighborhood in transition?

In all fairness, it only seems reasonable that some rules be codified as to if and when it is appropriate that mayhem and thievery be allowed in the interest of the broader community. And who shall be required to make the victims whole after the fact.

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Potato Harvest

Nash 2.5

Autumn comes early in Aroostook County, northern Maine.

In about three weeks the potato harvest begins.

Huge monstrous machines that seem to be from a science fiction movie, will soon be crawling all over the countryside, and sometimes they come right down Main Street, as they move from one field to another.

This amateur video shows you what potato harvesting machines look like.

That’s how I know fall is here, and winter is not far away.

What’s your favorite sign of autumn?

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ISIS vs the Cops

Nash 2.5
The mainstream news media are nearly hysterical:  a REPORTER got killed by the Islamic movement called ISIS which is sweeping unopposed through Syria and Iraq.

Media pundits are all now asking “Should the USA send troops back into Iraq?”

You may recall that last week, the pundit consensus was that re-invading Iraq was a really BAD idea.

Suddenly, ISIS is now “the most dangerous terrorist threat in the world today.”

Meanwhile back in Ferguson, Missouri, we are all beginning to see the world through African-American eyes.

For black people, the police are NOT there to protect you, they are there to oppress you, and they may kill you if you resist.

They may kill you even if you don’t resist.

Be honest.  Who is a bigger threat to African Americans today: ISIS or the local cops?

The jail scene from, “Harold and Kumar go to White Castle.”

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Damn the Police! Damn the Shopkeeper! Damn the Cigars!


We have all the evidence we need, to wit, that generated by the convoys of “reporters” and activists that have descended on Ferguson. Everything else is moot.

There was the autopsy by Dr Baden who said he found no gunpowder residue on Mr Brown’s remains. But, he qualified that statement by saying that he didn’t have access to the victim’s clothing that could have held residue.

Ferguson_RiotDr Baden did say that the number of shots fired was excessive.

And the shopkeeper who was “purportedly” being victimized by an individual that some say is Mr Brown. I would like to know more about that incident. Was it Mr Brown? Surely fingerprints must be available. Was that Mr Brown’s normal demeanor? Were the cigars laced with pheromones?

For goodness sake, get everybody together and have them share their bonafide evidence with every other individual in the room.

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Militarization of Police?

Most liberals, and many conservatives, are incensed by the “militarization” of local police departments.

Nash 2.5
Nash 2.5
Militarization refers to the routine use of SWAT equipment for ordinary policing situations, the use of military-style armored vehicles, and the treatment of the public as “enemy combatants.”  Peaceful protesters are treated as “rioters,” and reporters trying to do their jobs are harassed.  In addition, many police officers now intimidate, assault, and/or arrest anyone who tries to take a video of them during confrontations.

As I noted, even some conservatives are questioning militaristic police behavior, conservatives such as Rand Paul and Ted Cruz.

I respectfully disagree.

In fact there are many OTHER public services that should, in my opinion, be “militarized.”

militarypoliceFire Department.   Fire at your house?  Militarized fire fighters will arrive, and treat you and your entire family as “suspected arsonists.”   Face down on the ground, with an assault rifle to your head, you will be given 30 seconds to prove that you are innocent.  If so, you will then be allowed to put out the fire yourself.

Trash Collection.  Did you fail to separate your recyclables?  Don’t be surprised when militarized municipal trash collectors break down your door at 3 AM, handcuff you, put a hood over your head, and load you onto a plane for extraordinary rendition to an Eastern European country for enhanced interrogation.   (“Are you now, or have you ever been, a global warming denier?”)

Public Library.   Talking too loud?  Rather than “shushing” you a librarian/sniper, from a perch above the circulation desk, will fire a warning shot into an arm or leg.  Overdue Book? (Don’t even ask.)

I’m sure you will agree that our local communities will be MUCH more law-abiding if these changes are made.


For the benefit of those who have not been in the military, I conclude with a clip from “Stripes.”

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Do You Have As Good A Sense Of Humor As Your Dog?

The fall of Tricky Dick has always brought back memories, many of which I would rather forget.

Blue Bronc
Blue Bronc
It also brings back wonderings, such as why has America lacked a sense of humor? Has our beloved nation always lacked an appreciation for a good joke?

I do remember when we joined Ike in his pleasant life, even during his stay at Fitzsimmons Army Hospital in Colorado following his heart attack. When he played golf and fished, little was there from the Democrats running him down for taking the time to relax. He did after all save civilization from the Nazis.

JKF evokes wonderful memories, except for those who point out his womanizing, even the swims in the White House pool, while Jackie was otherwise busy. He died a death that was horrendous, but he did have a sense humor that was shared with the American public, and we were going to the moon.

Johnson was strange and scary. He did send a lot of us to Vietnam on a fully paid trip, including rack and rations — and, whatever ammunition we needed. People tended to not enjoy his sense of humor as it was coarse and often of his own making.  Especially his dogs.  He was a rather rough man and picking up his dogs by their ears was not funny.  He did not understand the mail that arrived letting him know that either.

Then we get to Nixschlect (1). Oh did he ever change the tenor of America. I remember my father-in-law trying to brush aside what a bad guy Nixon was. He even stood up for Agnew (uck). The years Nixon was in office were gloomy. Even his Checkers speech was a downer.

maxresdefaultFord, he wanted to send us back into Vietnam. The falling down routine Chevy Chase did was funny, except it was not Ford. The man was an athlete and showed it, most of the time. Was Ford funny? In a way. He was a change from Johnson and Nixon and the Vietnam War, except for those of us frozen in our orders to go back to the place.

Carter. Oh how I wish he was funny. SNL continued on with the presidential follies with the peanut farmer. The sad thing is Carter is one of those real nice guys, the type you know is real and honest. But, he was not presidential material.

Then we get to the real Bonzo, Reagan. His “genuine” humor was as genuine as a three dollar bill. He destroyed more of the American sense of laughter with his destruction of America. “Welfare queens,” hah, just another way of hurting the poor. Just as we will never know the true extent of W. Wilson’s incapacity, leaving the government to his wife and others. We may never know the extent of the power taking by those around Ronnie due to his Alzheimers.

Bush the Elder leaves me thinking he could tell a good joke, however he always looked like he had intestinal cramps. And, his best joke about not raising taxes fell very flat.

Leading me to the man who probably has as many jokes in his head as Gracie Allen: Bill “I never said I screwed her” Clinton. The best thing about Bill is that he drives the Republicans crazy. Caught getting a BJ and not from HRC, they try their best to destroy him and it does not work. His aw-shucks is not from Mayberry, but it is real and it is funny to still watch the Republicans unable to understand him or Hillary. I suppose that is a joke a dog would enjoy.

The next joker in office I will skip. His whole life has been a . . .

Finally we get to the man who has a gentle sense of humor, one that we rarely get to enjoy. But, then he is a professor.  I should be one in awe of the man’s sense of humor being that I am in a very unfunny business (federal database and computer work), but he really has not wowed anyone yet with a real thigh slapper.  He stays rather cool and not willing to say anything around the break room that would leave us chuckling for hours.

Dogs-Playing-Poker-Painting-19201080Okay, dogs do jokes. Yes, really.  Dogs have a great sense of humor. You just have to be attuned to it.   How many times have you stood in the middle of the world calling your dog, without results? And, then you turn around, there is your dog with a funny curled up lip? Well, that was a dog joke. And, with the laughing curled up lip, your dog thought it was pretty funny. Hey, it was funny. You yelling and yelling, with arms flailing, and there was Rex right there, being quiet and not letting you know;  that was the funny. Sure, it is not up there with bombing Cambodia or a little blue dress, but then it is from a dog.

Start watching and enjoying our canine friends and what they tell us. We have a lot in common and it is some of them tell better jokes than the Republicans can.

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I Am NOT A Crook – yeah, sure

Forty years ago Saturday Richard Nixon resigned from the presidency.

Blue Bronc
Blue Bronc
In honor of the first president to exit the office while still breathing before the end of his term, here’s to you Tricky Dickie.

Very little is ever mentioned of Nixon’s toll on the military once Watergate hit the headlines.  We were still hot in ‘Nam, and a lot of us had orders to go (more on what happened later).  Korea was still a short tour, which means it was a hazardous place to be.  Africa was and still is a destination where few want to go.

What we did do was read, listen to the television and radio, and constantly ask anyone in Washington and the Pentagon what was going on.  At the time I was at Lowry AFB, Denver, CO. and then Columbus AFB, MS.  The topic of discussion was what our boss was up to and what would happen to us.

Always, what would happen to us.  He was running the show.  He had the power of being Commander in Chief to send us anywhere and do anything, including blowing up the Earth.  The talks were often nervous for those going to B-52 training, think of Dr. Strangelove How I Learned to Love The Bomb, who would be crew on those planes.

nixon-4watergate-1024x852What was hardest for all of us was the period when Nixon’s vocal actions were being played on air after the discovery of the taping system and the Court said he had to turn the tapes over.  The political atmosphere was tense.  There was great concern about the economy; we were entering into a recession.  As bad as military pay is now, it was worse then.

We were not sure what to expect from the Congress and the White House for anything for about two years.  It was tough looking at Nixon’s picture in all the offices at the bases, but funny too (the dude was weird looking).

There were laughs too.  The political pundits had a blast.  So did the comics and just about anyone who could shrug their shoulders.  The Nixon scowl was always good for a drink in the NCO club.

All that happened – happened daily.  The revelations of stuff kept coming out every day.  The testimony in Congress was stunning and shocking.  The investigative news media (something you need to do a bing or google search for as they are a rare and endangered species now) was dredging up all sorts of things.  And it was in the papers, on radio and television – every day.  All the time.  Cronkite giving the body count and then the Watergate updates

Yup, those were the days.  And, the peace in Vietnam plodded along, all the while the military wondered what was going to be their role in all of the outcomes.

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The War on Whites

Nash 2.5
Nash 2.5
When asked by right wing talk radio host Laura Ingraham why the GOP has trouble attracting black voters, Alabama Congressional Representative Mo Brooks said…

Mo Brooks
Mo Brooks

“This is a part of the WAR ON WHITES that’s being launched by the Democratic Party and the way in which they’re launching this war is by claiming that whites hate everybody else.”Naturally, I found the idea of a War on Whites intriguing.

I thought, “Great idea!  Where do I enlist?”

One of my favorite Reggae songs, “Kill the White People,” by Eddie Murphy.

After a brief search I discovered a “War on Whites: Recruitment” menu tab on the White House web page.

I was pleased to discover that, as an Irish Catholic, I was considered “not quite white,” so it was OK for me to sign up.

I have been assigned to a “behind the lines,” commando unit.

Our mission is to sneak into the houses of cranky old white men, hide their TV remote, sabotage their favorite chair by jamming a beer can into the recliner mechanism, and then tow away their pick-up truck.

When we have broken their will to resist, we’ll meet in Cairo to negotiate a cease fire.

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