Add Video in Comments

How to Add You Tube Video to Your Comment
(Only YouTube videos can be posted)

Simple Instructions

By adding just one letter (“v”) directly after the “http” in YouTube addresses you can post videos in comments.

Example: httpv

For HD videos add “vh” — httpvh
(Note: HD videos won’t play correctly without the extra “h”)

Paste url directly into your comment. Do not use the link button.

Detailed Instructions

  • On the YouTube site click “Share” below any video (DON’T use the url in your browser address window), then copy the address under “Link to this video” and paste that into your Trail Mix Comment box — No need to use link button above your Comment box, just paste url directly plus any other text you want to add, then…
  • Add the letter “v” (ie, change http:// to httpv:// (think v for video), and for HD videos add “vh” — httpvh://
  • Important: The URL should just be copied into your post normally and the letter ‘v’ or ‘vh’ added, do not create a clickable link with the link button above the comment box.
  • Many YouTube videos are now in High Definition (HD) . If you want to embed HD video instead add “vh” as in httpvh://

How To Watch Posted Videos in Full Screen
You can always go full screen on any posted video by clicking the square to the right of YouTube logo at the bottom right of the posted video’s screen.

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