Create Your Avatar


For registered users who would like to create an icon pic that appears with your screen name in comments, you can upload your image directly to Trail Mix:

Upload Avatar to Trail Mix

  • Hover cursor over the top right corner of this page where it says “Howdy, (your name)” and click “Edit My Profile”
  • On your profile page scroll down to the section labeled “Avatar”
  • Click “Choose File” to select an image from your computer (allowed types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif)
  • Then click “Upload”
  • Once your image is uploaded, click “Update Profile” at the bottom of the page

3 thoughts on “Create Your Avatar”

  1. As noted above, when using Gravatar BE SURE to use the same email address posted here, that’s how they connect your icon to this site. If you don’t know which email you have listed here, or want to change it, go to “Howdy, (your name” above and click “Edit My Profile” — your email and password are on that page (if you are logged in). Both can be changed. To save changes click “Update Profile” at the bottom of the page.

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