Why Was My Comment Held?

How Our Spam Filter Works

I know it’s irritating to write a comment and see it held, even temporarily, for moderation — so here are a few notes about how our site controls spam. In nearly every case comments by registered users are posted without delay.

A few of the reasons that automatically cause our filter to hold comments until moderation are more than 3 links in a post, more than 3 comments within 120 seconds and more than 3 videos posted within 5 minutes.

DO NOT keep posting when your comments are being held or the filter will disable your account. Instead, send an email instead to help@craigcrawford.com

Also, at busy times occasionally you might get a note that your comment is being held. Just wait a few seconds and don’t resubmit. Our spam filter “launders” every comment through its database before posting, and when we have lots of posts coming in — when the filter is unusually busy — it jams up for brief time.

I never personally delete or hold a comment without prior notice. See TOP TEN WAYS TO BE A BETTER COMMENTER for guidelines about the rare times I do moderate comments.

Unless you’ve heard from me any comment held for moderation is merely a result of our automated filter’s abundance of caution.

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— Craig