Why Was My Comment Held?

How Our Spam Filter Works

I know it’s irritating to write a comment and see it held, even temporarily, for moderation — so here are a few notes about how our site controls spam. In nearly every case comments by registered users are posted without delay.

A few of the reasons that automatically cause our filter to hold comments until moderation are more than 3 links in a post, more than 3 comments within 120 seconds and more than 3 videos posted within 5 minutes.

About this message: “Sorry, there was an error. Please enable JavaScript and Cookies in your browser and try again.”

In rare cases some of you might have cookies and/or JavaScript turned off and experience trouble (the default position is on, so this won’t happen for the vast majority). This is how our security system recognizes valid users, and that’s all it’s for. Here are pages describing how to allow cookies and Java script in all browser types: How To Enable Cookies In Your Browser / How To Enable JavaScript

DO NOT keep posting when your comments are being held or the filter will disable your account. Instead, send an email to help@craigcrawford.com

Also, at busy times occasionally you might get a note that your comment is being held. Just wait a few seconds and don’t resubmit. Our spam filter “launders” every comment through its database before posting, and when we have lots of posts coming in — when the filter is unusually busy — it jams up for brief time.

I never personally delete or hold a comment without prior notice. See TOP TEN WAYS TO BE A BETTER COMMENTER for guidelines about the rare times I do moderate comments.

Unless you’ve heard from me any comment held for moderation is merely a result of our automated filter’s abundance of caution.

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— Craig