Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil!

It is all fine and well for Democrats to propose big ideas in preparation for election 2020.

The Green New Deal, Medicare for All, Infrasturcture spending, and Tax Fairness are all ideas whose time has come.

What no one seems to see, hear and much less speak about is a twenty two trillion dollar national debt that will have a negative impact on every big idea democrats can put foreword.

Sooner or later someone is going to have to grapple with a debt that is unsustainable and the solutions politically unpopular.

We have kicked the can down the road for too long. Economics has failed us or we have failed economics.

What say you trail mixers? When and how should we address this problem?


Hearing his masters’ voice

Former acting FBI director Andrew McCabe, who took over the bureau after President Trump fired James Comey, claims Donald Trump dismissed US intelligence on North Korea because Russian president Vladimir Putin had given him different advice. ‘The president said he did not believe that the North Koreans had the capability to hit us here with ballistic missiles in the United States … because President Putin had told him they did not,’ McCabe told CBS’ 60 Minutes on Sunday night.


Taxing Tax Time Times Two

Two months and counting, your yearly burden of supporting the government made twice as hard. First, the turmoil of the transformed form:

US News — The new cosmetic look of the 1040 form belies all the changes within. The redesign squishes what used to be 79 lines of information into just 22, on two half-sheets of paper.

But things did not get streamlined and simplified. All of those missing lines now correspond to six new numbered schedules and several worksheets. And that is in addition to the existing alphabetical schedules (A for itemizing deductions, B for interest and dividends, etc.)
Phyllis Jo Kubey, an enrolled agent in New York, has basically given up trying to process the changes visually. Her tax software even comes with a “1040 reconciliation worksheet,” which takes everything on this year’s tax form and makes it look like an old 1040.
“It’s easier for me to find things on the old form than to look at six different schedules,” Kubey said.
Kubey is especially concerned for senior citizens, who might be among the last of those who fill out the 1040 by hand.
“Can you imagine if you have been doing taxes every year of your life on paper, and then all the sudden you get this? I’d go nuts,” Kubey said.
For taxpayers who file electronically, the new form might not have that much of an impact. A professional tax preparer will take your information the same as always and deal with the changes for you.
DIY tax software will prompt you for the information needed in a similar manner to previous years, with just a few new questions.
It is when the results are printed out that most people will notice the difference.

Second, the thought of your hard-earned treasure going down the Trump administration hole.


Oh that 20/20 vision

By Jace, a Trail Mix Contributor

2020 will be an Election year. It is not too early to ask and speculate on which candidate will produce a 20/20 vision for the country.

The recent election proved that when issues are at the fore front people will pay attention and respond. Like it or not if the matter becomes entirely a referendum on Trump he wins. He is a master at making the discussion all about him and his base approves.

Ideas like the green new deal, Medicare for all, and a tax structure that is actually fair need to be thoroughly debated and presented in such a way that the average voter can relate to them.

Democrats have the star power, but it remains to be seen if they have that 2020 vision.

Who is your choice? Let’s talk.

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