Kamala Come On

My humble analysis is the new Democratic primary calendar favors Harris most. For starters her home state California moves from nearly last to Super Tuesday on March 3, 2020. South Carolina’s sizable Democratic black vote weighs in February 29 (where she is wisey doing her first event after her kickoff rally this weekend in Oakland CA). If she does well in Iowa Feb. 3, survives New Hampshire Feb. 11 and Nevada Feb. 22 the rest could be her history. And I’m already seeing signs she could win the Media Primary before the votes are counted.

How Jared Dumped Christie

Chris Christie just wrote a telling piece for Politico about how Jared Kushner derailed plans for the former NJ governor to run Trump’s presidential transition team. Turns out it was what the speculation had assumed. Kushner held a major grudge against Christie’s role as prosecutor of his father, Charles Kushner, who went to prison in 2005 for illegal campaign contributions, tax evasion and witness tampering.

Christie — I’d been around politics long enough to grasp what was happening. Jared was trying — and not so subtly — to derail my appointment as transition chairman. The issue wasn’t the rushing. The issue was the guy. Donald didn’t sound as convinced as Jared did.

“Jared,” he said, “why would we have to wait on this? It’s going to be a great announcement for him and a great announcement for us.”

Jared let a beat pass before he spoke up. But when he started talking, he sounded like a person who’d been holding poison inside himself for a very long time. “You really want to know why?” Jared asked.

“Yeah,” Trump said.

“Because I don’t trust him to have this, and you know why I don’t trust him to have it.”

“He tried to destroy my father.”

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No Shutdown For Melania?

I am listening to air traffic control

EXEC1F appears to be headed to Palm Beach. ATC just said they will have to do some serious vectoring to get the plane in line with the rest of the Palm Beach traffic.

EXEC1F is typically the callsign for a plane with the first lady on it.— Jake Sherman (@JakeSherman, POLITICO)

Ka-ching: Trump directed Cohen to lie to Congress about Moscow Trump tower project (BuzzFeed)