Propaganda By Contract

Should TV news channels hire or book guests who have signed contracts not to disparage Donald Trump. Even disclosing the arrangements wouldn’t overcome the lack of credibility for anyone who signed them. As we learn more about the widespread use of non-disclosure agreements in Trump’s world anyone going on air who ever worked for him ought to at least be asked if they signed one. In some cases it’s possible the networks having been paying contributors without knowing they were also being paid by Trump to lie for him.



By Sturgeone, a Trail Mix Contributor

Next best thing to being born in a log cabin. This is the house I came home to when I was born in 1948, and it was here I lived my first 8 years.

Fortunately my dad had six years to get it ready for me, and was even able to build a garage from salvaged terra cotta blocks so I could have a clubhouse in the overhead.

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